[ピンク] – PINK COLOR

12.08.2017 — by VD



 [ピンク] – PINK COLOR

12.08.2017 — by VD

Most of girls love pink, so Maryana Ro does. We made a research of the most beautiful decades of previous century and their pink moments.


When you grow up as a cute girl – your whole room is covered with pink toys and barbies. There’s a Barbie pink Color, what are we talking about. This color inspires designers to create feminine and romantic collections, but modern generation protests and works on menswear in pink colors.

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50’s were the time when all boys and girls dreamt to be “preppy”. This style means something between absolutely cute and good looking. Preppy girls wore white blouses, big skirts and pink/red lipsticks. Mostly, dresses were pink to highlight a feminine nature of every girl. Most of evening dresses for teenagers and young girls were pink. They could include polka dot prints or florals.

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The time of future and geometric shapes. In 60’s London became a new capital for fashion world. Twiggy lighted up all screens and magazines. Most of dresses from 5o’s and New Look silhouettes came out of fashion and mini skirts became super famous. Young kids were tired of post-war problems and conservative life views of their parents. They became free and happy. Pink color was still famous. Kids wore it every day! For adults pink had a soft light shade, which reminded of a delicious ice cream,

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Bright floral prints and total peace lovers. Children of flowers and sun – they could combine all colors from spectrum at once. A lot of new fashionistas appeared in 70’s and with the help of runway shows, which started appearing in those times, color trends were changing every season. Gianni Versace was one of the brightest examples of sexiness & pink.

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In 80’s people started looking more sporty and sexier. Outfits became too little and swimsuits started showing 90% of the body. Pink became a good reason to buy, a fabulous idea for a promotion and a little woman’s secret. Pink color was not a feminine color anymore. Men started playing with style and started wearing bombers and trousers of pastel colors.

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Total minimalism and glam. Late 90’s were unforgettable for 00’s – they affected future fashion. Pink was an excuse to be sexy and hot.

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