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14.11.2017 — by VACUUM


Ok, guys, sorry for not writing for so long, I’m officially returned! I will tell u about my fav Russian techno party-maker SLOWDANCE. I visited all Moscow clubs n parties, and now I could assuredly say, dat music label is my absolutely favorite!

1. Location: Gazgolder Club & Tea room. Ask any techno-lover in Moscow, what’s ze best club -everyone will answer, dat it’s Gaz! Gazgolder is located in the city center, in the territory of the Arma factory. Really modern n cute loft-style place. Inside of the great factory building u can find 2 dance-floors (the main n the terrace). And, also, 1 chillin tea room. So, dis club 100% worth a visit.
2. FC/DC: Idk about any specific FC/DC rules, but u have to be stylish n amiable. Like in any European techno clubs.
3. Music: I truly in love w/ SLWDNC sound, coz it’s very high-quality light techno, moreover I really appreciate their LIVE music. Btw, u could visit there website or social network to listen something. So, I think everybody will remain satisfied n happy after party.
4. Atmosphere: there r basically lots of cool guests: musicians, designers, models, bloggers and other art-connected people. NO violence, NO overdosed drug people, and what I prefer in Gazgolder NO cheap whores! Everybody very sociable, friendly n absolutely open-minded. Undoubtedly so comfortable to be there.

No more words needed to describe SLOWDANCE. So u can explore our live pix from previous events:


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25.05.2017 — by VACUUM


Let me introduce the next place u have to visit in Moscow: SQUAT 3/4. It’s not just a perfect techno club but also a day-chilling location. SQUAT located in city center in old Turkish bath a little bit antique style. That’s why interior is sooo charming n unusual for such place. Also, there r lots of location for making perfect insta pix. Btw, there is a Greek restaurant, night club, barbershop n boutique. This Friday VD team had all day n night vibes there.
1. Greek diner SITÓ.
Food is so nice here u even can’t imagine!!! The best pejnerli (w/ beef n tomatoes), classic musaka, home-made wine n of course delicious orange pie, the best dishes I ever eat, really! I can make a long text about it but it’s worth nothing while u don’t try it by urself.
Atmosphere so unusual, as I said at the beginning, so it’s like a fashionable basement w different Ancient Greek decorations n lots of techno details. We like it very much!
Let’s I’ll speak from my heart, I really like SITÓ n we’ll visit it often.


2. Night club.
This Friday here took place awesome techno party QUINTESSENTIAL. Speaking about professional level, it’s on top!!! Very high quality of sound, cool light n what’s so important fair barmen!
SQUAT’ management have a good music taste. I’ve been there 3 times and every party had wonderful dj n this time wasn’t an exception.



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