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ITK KIT brotherhood

10.07.2017 — by Kris Kaem











  • Our opening hours are:
    Monday-Friday¬†‚ÄĒ 11.00-20.00
    Saturday and Sunday¬†‚ÄĒ 12.00-18.00
  • LOCATION : Riga, LV – 1050 Z.A. Meierovica Blvd., 18
    KEY WORDS: ITK , fashion , style , brotherhood , hlstk
  • Almost a¬†year has passed since we¬†quit the clothing business. Well, what can we¬†say? Over this time we¬†have truly missed the working process itself, as¬†well as¬†all that accompanies¬†it: sweatshirts, denim, chambray shirts, chino trousers, reliable coats, white trainers, T-shirts with a¬†signature pocket, attention to¬†details, a¬†perfect cut and up-to-date design etc. What we¬†have missed most, though, is¬†communication with you, our customers, who have become not just our good friends but an¬†integral part of¬†our life. Fortunately, this time has gone and … we¬†are back in¬†the game!

We are happy to inform you that our off-line shop is now located in Riga at 18 Z.A.Meierovica Blvd. You can find our on-line shop at We deliver goods around the world, including Russia. Fr om now onwards you will be able to enjoy our most favourable prices with VAT deducted. We will also be able to update you on our seasonal news as well as the leading western projects. Ildar will make your day with his City Jungle photos of the new venues, Misha will enjoy himself consuming the local alcohol, Artyom will be able to jog on the sandy beach while Nikita will keep on nagging everybody.

The first blog cannot do¬†without acknowledging our customers‚Äô contribution to¬†what and wh ere we¬†are. We¬†would like to¬†say thank you to¬†everybody who has not let¬†us down, who has been standing by¬†us ready to¬†offer their support and assistance every step of¬†the way. As¬†for the rest, they can piss off. Special thanks to¬†the local guys who have been with¬†us here in¬†Riga helping to¬†adapt and pull it¬†through. Our team in¬†Moscow¬†‚ÄĒ thank you all!

i think that no one can’t believe¬†the team will come back to us again and again with the freshman!!!!!!This shop its like a big bang , because there are a lot of modern brands. And no one can’t believe that this guys will move to a city like a Riga.¬†And how much more they have prepared for us…





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