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Legkoye delo kholod (Лёгкое Дело Холод), 1991

27.08.2017 — by Lolita Kvit

Author: Stuk Bambuka v XI Chasov / Стук Бамбука в XI Часов
Release: 1991, exact date is unknown
Genre: Industrial, Trip-hop, Ambient
Songs in album: 
1. Khrupko Dvukh / Хрупко Двух
2. La Cheval de Ma Vie
3. Slabyy Tigr / Слабый Тигр 
4. Sneg Myod / Снег Мёд
5. Belyy Chyort Landysh / Белый Чёрт Ландыш
6. Loskutok / Лоскуток
7. Beregovaya Osen' / Береговая Осень
8. Kakavella / Какавелла 
9. Steny i Tuman / Стены и Туман
10. Tyaga / Тяга

 About the performers: The group was formed in Izhevsk (Russia) in the end of 80's; and the name literally means "The Noise of Bamboo at 11 O'Clock". At the very beginning the group was formed by 3 members: Nikolay Noskov, Vasiliy Agafonov and Kostya Bagaev who were "collecting" different noises and sounds but afert buying a Polyvox (synthesizer) and inviting Tanya Erokhina with her lively and trance-like voice they started creating electonic music. Their target was to set up the atmosphere using nothing specific about what you'd be able to tell with words. Lyrics and aesthetics of the group were influenced by authors like Kafka, Cortazar and Kobo Abe. As there was no ability for the members to get a sampler tracks were recorded with the help of three consecutively connected tape recordes which were playing different noises and beats; thus, their album was made.  
 Reasons to listen: The work was quite unusual for those times and music tastes and it didn't lose its atmosphere and hypnotic charm until nowadays. The mood and rythmics of the tracks anticipated the arrival of such modern and full-fledged genres as trip-hop and ambient.

Films to watch

Beyond The Black Rainbow, 2010

14.08.2017 — by Lolita Kvit

Directed by: Panos Cosmatos
Produced by: Oliver Linsley, Christia Nordstokke
Country: Canada
Language: English
Budget: 1,1 $ million
Box Office: 56, 491 $
Running Time: 110 minutes

Keywords: futuristic, 80's, science, captivity, sedatives, spirituality, drug experience, minimalism, neons, psyсhic violence, hypnotic, transcendence, psychedelics, avant-garde, surrealism, insane, hallucinate.

Plot in few words: Despite being under heavy sedation, a young woman tries to make her way out of the Arboria Institute, a secluded, quasifuturistic commune.


Reasons 2 Watch:
- Dazzling visuals
- Futuristic locations and shots
- Neon lights!
- Deep, resonating audio
- Surrealistic and totally unusual atmosphere
VD Choice: The best option for you is to let yourself be totally absorbed by hypnotic atmosphere and soundtracks of this 80's/surrealistic/futuristic masterpiece filmed by Panos Cosmatos. Not everyone is able to appreciate this work but it is definitely worth watching (especially for those who are keen on visual aesthetics, symmetry, complex plot and hidden metaphors).



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