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04.04.2016 — by Marnie Svistunova


The photographer Glen Luchford has transmitted easy mood and spirit of association by means of surrealistic images, groups of top models, colourful carpets, flower sofas, vagrant flamingos and the muffled light.

All collection is developed by the new creative director of the brand – Alessandro Michele, and filled with free ideas of fine youth and eternal freedom. We have seen a vintage in jewelry, long skirts, pink hats, animalistic prints in sweaters and suits, riot of colors and textures.

We look forward to this advertising campaign in all fashion magazines since the first April.




04.04.2016 — by Marnie Svistunova


When I have heard these news, I have thought that it was a joke (as it was the April fools day) however it has turned out to be true.

On the first of April, 2016 Hedi Slimane, the creative director of the Saint Laurent fashion house, has left the post, but rumors that he leaves the post have appeared in last year. French Fashion house have reported about it, but it haven’t specified the reasons of departure of the designer. Still it isn’t known who will replace him on this post. Slimane worked in brand from 1997 to 2000. Then he has gone to the house of Dior,  where took a position of the art director of the menswear line. In 2012 Slimane has returned to Saint Laurent for four years.

Slimane has revived brand in the form in which it was conceived by the founder. Sometimes provocatively, and most often — in a hooligan way, but the designer created clothes which for certain would be pleasant by Yves Saint Laurent. And ,exactly, thanks to him, the house was renamed into Saint Laurent.

Well, I hope that the following creative director won’t break the ideas of so known Fashion house .-MS




29.03.2016 — by Marnie Svistunova


First of all, my love to this Fashion house became an idea of creating this post. Yes, it seems to me that each person who is interested in fashion has one favourite brand ,so for this reason todays conversation will go on about the history of the Fashion house of Gucci.


The founder of a brand – Guccio Gucci, was born in Florence in 1881, however he spent his youth in London, working as the waiter in one of the best-known hotels in England – Savoy. The real English suitcases and leather bags have made a great impression on him and for this reason he returned to Italy and opened his own workshop on the production of a horse harness, footwear and suitcases. The best equestrians of Europe came to Gucci’s house for high-quality goods. In 1933 the eldest Guccio’s son – Aldo has thought up a logo for a brand – two bound letters of «G». in 1937 Gucci began to make the first leather bags and gloves, in 1938 he opened the boutique in Rome.

Gucci Family Dynasty_ClubTV (1)

however, it is possible to say, that the brand is obliged to Aldo Guccio for the prosperity, because he possessed the idea of creation of that legendary bag with bamboo handles. also he decided to start production of scarfs. In 1943 they opened their first boutique in the USA because of Aldo’s talent.

Guccio died in 1953, and that became the first step to the crash of family and family’s  business. At 60th – 70th Gucci achieved the greatest prosperity and success. Production of footwear (yes their legendary lofers, which are carried now by every second fashion-blogger, because of new modernized Alessandro Micchele’s design, but let me talk about him a bit later) women’s clothes, watches and even fur clothes began. In 1986 Aldo got into custody in the USA because of evasion from taxes, the empire was inherited by his son Maurizio, who was shot near the office of Gucci in 1993. Maurizio has stopped family disagreements and has decided to look for other talents for the sake of future Gucci.

Dominique De Solle became as a creative director. He has revived a brand from ashes, after government of Maurizio and his wife Patricia. De Solle takes the young designer Tom Ford. However, soon the Fashion house was covered by disagreement between two directors again. Farewell collection of Ford and De Solle took place in 2004 on a Week of Haute Couture in Milan. The collection has created a huge furor, however together with Ford about 20 fashion designers ,including Alexander McQueen, have left.


Alessandra Facchinetti who came from other world famous fashion empire — Prada became the following creative director of the brand. She kept sexual and glamourous style of a brand, but stayed in this position only for 2 years.

To the position of Alessandra in 2006 other fashion designer has came — Frida Giannini who was working in Fendi for several years. Giannini’s collection of spring of 2006 has been eulogized for the color scale and energy, for the first time after Ford’s season of 1995.


In January, 2015 it became known of sudden resignation of Giannini from a position of the creative director. Alessandro Michele became her successor. And OMG AAA here it is! A genius of the fashion industry and the savior of so huge empire.

Now all admirers of the brand and the Fashion house are happy, that they have found that  person, who will open a second wind of such empire in the ranks. Alessandro was born in 1972 and since the childhood had a huge inclination to fashion. He has been working in Gucci since 2002, but in the position of accessories designer, however, in one day everything has changed. The new CEO director of Gucci – Marko Bizzari has made the decision on Michele’s appointment spontaneously: Michele has been appointed the position of creative director immediately after Giannini’s resignation. Everybody expected that the company will appoint one of quite famous fashion designers of our time to her position. Of course, when everybody have learned that Alessandro has held this post, they were in perplexity, but they should have to wait a bit…

The fashion industry expected the day of the first show of the maestro with impatience. Alessandro worked only five days on a menswear FW collection 2015. That collection was really magnificent: androgyny, romanticism, bright tones, long scarfs and bows. There was no trace from the former Fashion house.

1 (1)

With confidence I can say that now, when I hear «Gucci» I don’t imagine the beige print with an emblem of a brand and their company flag from green and red strips. No, it is represented to me as touching and artistic clothes: vintage, freedom and romanticism.

Alessandro Michele – is the designer, who has changed the idea of the fashion world of one of the most famous brands in less, than one year.

alessandro-michele-gucci-creative-directory-e1444810346908 (1)


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