VD goes extra blond



You never know what to expect when it comes to Voguediary.

If you know Kristen, you realize you do not know Kristen at all. She changes her looks every week and you never know which wig she wears next. Last week Kristen posted hot photos from her latest photoshoot. Kristen said that blond was her new love. Here are some fresh photos, we hope you will enjoy them.
Crazy, sexy and unforgettable – Kristen’s appearance is hard to forget, we cannot wait to see more!


Shops you need to visit [on Instagram]



If you like online shopping, you might probably visit our favorite profiles.

We all love shopping. And we all know how much we can spend in one click. We are very sorry, but after this post you might spend even more. Sharing with you our five absolute favourites on Instagram.
To begin with – Underground London. A unique style shows all dreams of subcultures at once. The first brand which created the real creepers in 80’s. If you are a true fashionista, you have to own at least one pair of real punk creepers.

Another bomb we love – dollskill. Dollskill is a huge online store for girls with all tastes of fashion. Dollskill cooperates with hundreds of brands all over the world. By 2018 they became huge and hit almost 2M on Instagram. One of the best sources to find any clothes you need – cheap or expensive, black or colourful. Any of your dreams will come true with dollskill!

Another Instagram which deserves your attention is tsuwoop_ ! Famous for dope customised logos of famous brands, which is a little bit illegal. We still love the ideas (and sometimes the prints are better than the actual brands have!). So here we go – if you want a logo mania look, just buy something cheaper than a real Louis Vuitton.

The hottest and the best of all time – WIA COLLECTIONS. The brand creates unique designs. If you love their clothes, you better save your money, because the price is pretty high!

The last but not the least – vandythepink 💗 Customization goes on the highest level with this brand. All kinds of looks are very cozy and cute. They always have limited edition collections, so it’s very hard to get. But you can try!


Fall 18/19 vibes



Summer fades away too fast, be ready for a fabulous fall season.

Fall is one of our favourite times of the year – you can wear a cozy outfit with your favourite leather jacket, offer hot drinks and visit fashion weeks. We feel like upcoming month will be very romantic and glamorous. Here’s our favourite concepts to share.

Daizy Shely RTW Fall ‘18
Daizy Shely RTW Fall ‘18

Philipp Plein FW 2018

Going from extremely bright to pale and romantic – nothing matters. The 2018 is the year of absolute freedom. Feel free and be happy. Don’t forget to listen indie music at the night time.

Tulips and insects taken from ‘Livre de Fleurs’ (1620) by François L’Anglois (French, 1589 – 1647).
Hand-coloured engraving.
Vivetta S/S 2018


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