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16.12.2015 — by VD


Few days ago I discovered an amazing drawing by Robert Dighton. I found a deep idea inside his masterpiece “An essay on woman”. The drawing was created in XVIII century, that was the time of crinoline and ball dresses, beautiful accessories and bright lingerie. I was amused with the contrast of life and death on a masterpiece of times when everything seemed perfect – rococo was an expression of heaven on Earth. The idea that  people were actually thinking about death as an inevitable factor was real. We are used to go to museums and stare at fine art which represents humans’ bodies and the beauty of life. But we never see the physical ugliness of death on pictures. All we see is portraits of kings and queens, wars and other thematics which were allowed during different periods of time. Here we stare at the half of a woman – her beautiful dress and hair. She seems really happy, she plays games and wears prettiest accessories -but what is on the other side? Nothing. The other half is the ugly and skinny skeleton which holds an arrow, which is directed straight to the ground. Isn’t it tragically beautiful ? I find his art really deep and exciting. Let’s speak about the life of Robert.
tumblr_nx0tmtdD2l1qbwdm8o1_540He was born in 1751 in London, the son of a print dealer. He first exhibited at the London Society of Artists in 1769, showing portrait drawings. Dighton entered the Schools of the Royal Academy in 1772, and exhibited in several Academy exhibitions over the two decades from 1775. His musical career had started by 1776, when a newspaper described his performance in the Haymarket. His singing career continued at such venues as Covent Garden and Sadler’s Wells until 1800. The first prints Dighton designed were to illustrate an edition of William Shakespeare’s (1564-1616) works, published in 1775-6, and depictions of actors in a book on the English theater published 1776-7. Portraits of actors done in mezzotint to Dighton’s designs appeared in 1779, followed by a “Book of Heads”. The print publisher Carington Bowles (1724-1793) hired Dighton in 1780, after the death of his previous designer, the painter John Collett (ca. 1725-1780). A profusion of mezzotints and engravings after Dighton designs appeared over the next two decades, including comic images, caricatures and portraits of the grandees of the day and sporting and theatrical scenes. He also painted a number of watercolors in the 1790s, many of which were published as engravings. Dighton died in London in 1814. He died more than 200 years ago, but his art still makes sense. (information of the last paragraph taken :Selected bibliography: Clayton, Timothy. “Dighton, Robert (1751–1814),” Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004. Van Camp, An. ‘Robert Dighton and his spurious collectors’ marks on Rembrandt prints in the British Museum, London’, The Burlington Magazine, vol. 155, mo. 1319 (February 2013), p. 88-94.)6250307128030050 800px-Geography_Bewitched_-_England

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Attention! Russian bloggers!

31.07.2015 — by VD


I am proud to say that  I have a lot of friends bloggers at the moment. One of them is a cute girl from Krasnodar and her name is Melissa. She sings really well and she looks older than she actually is – she is too smart and pretty for a girl her age! We met a half of year ago and now we have some great plans and a lot of fresh ideas.IMG_3571-side IMG_3587 Few weeks ago we both took part in a big project of MBFW RUSSIA – Instagram Insider. We both ran MBFW RUSSIA’s Instagram and shared our ideas and thoughts with society. Our style is a little bit different, but we are happy about that because we can learn each other different exciting things. Soon you will see us on the front row of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia and catch our street style on Milan Fashion Week! We decided to visit MFW together next season and show some great style to international photographers. As an owner of – I want our followers to be ready to get tones of information and post this September. It will be a great fashion month and we are ready to kill with the looks.IMG_3581 IMG_3551 IMG_3486-side IMG_3480 We did a kind of mixed photoshoot – it was street style combined with posing and it went great. We got something like real MFW street style. Maria did amazing shots of me and Mel and it seemed like we were not even in Moscow (but actually we were!). Right before the photoshoot I decided to call MONOROOM – one of my favorite showrooms in Moscow, we are in a great friendship for almost 3 years, and I chose some bright and girly outfits there. Vlad made us girly looks with pink and light blue eye shadows and glossy lipsticks.  IMG_3421 IMG_3412 It’s pretty hard to make a street style photoshoot when you are not really going anywhere or you are not arriving to any fashion show. You have to act like you are discussing something and that you are really interested in non-existing text you’ve just got. In Russia street style is a new thing, so it happens not in reality mostly. Usually, some street style photographers who know the thing call for a little photoshoot in the middle of the day. But our fashion week is growing too and each season we see more street style pictures. IMG_3400 IMG_3348-side IMG_3257 IMG_3226 IMG_3033 IMG_3043 IMG_3048 IMG_3198-sideI am glad to be a friend of a girl with such potential. Most of my friends have a big potential. Some of them just don’t believe in it. But the thing is if you believe ( or even know!) that you can get through everything, you will do it ! You can get anything you want in the world, just know that you can and you will! See you on Milan Fashion Week ! IMG_3177 IMG_3154 IMG_3118 IMG_3058-side

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Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2015

13.07.2015 — by VD


Raf Simons created a really wonderful and charming Haute Couture collection. It was full of beautiful elements. Purple grass carpet matched with outfits. Floral prints and tiny chains were in harmony with wavy dresses and fur sleeves. The New Look game was emotional. Heavy fabrics in combination with New Look made a big contrast, Make up & hair were made in minimalistic natural way. He mixes everything at once – transparent dresses and heave dresses-coats, forbidden fruits and purple grass, florals and fur. collagecollage1collage2anigifcollage3anigif1collage4collage5anigif2collage6anigif3collage9


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