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Louis Vuitton resort 2017

04.06.2016 — by VD


Louis Vuitton always win resort season. When we come to LV fashion shows, they are all about a huge final success and a perfect show. Everything is detailed and has a meaning – from a chosen location to make up ideas. This time Louis Vuitton brought us to Rio de Janeiro. I chose 3 absolutely different looks – maxi, midi and mini for different occasions. The little mini dress is perfect for a night out in the city, the #2 outfit is the best for every day life during the weekend – you can walk fast and feel comfortable. What about the #1 outfit – it is the best creature from the whole resort collection. The obsessive colors make a magnificent combination!f2ca244652b0fbb99487fd2b3c07455a_liu0839_d4cee089664425994ca0758bde_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 efbb326d67d4f3f53958afab5c28c644_liu0653_7113e44f99a10c5542faef3996_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 a387fa23ed7e6cef232ca9c464c872df_liu0457_6db7bad7ef0816ec9d15a82e31_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 The collection goes really great with a hot temperature and wet climate. Straight silhouettes make no doubts and make you feel less stressful about your appearance. Big boombox bags and beautiful color decisions – from sky blue to bright red. Sandals are the best footwear for this kind of looks. Free hair and minimalism in make up – no one wants to be unnatural during the holiday season. Interesting inserts and cut outs in the middle of dresses and beautiful strong leather bombers – it seems like you just got off your race! That’s right, never stop your traveling race.collage88 collage8 collage5 collage3 collage2 collage1

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Discount Universe resort 2017

03.06.2016 — by VD


Dicount Universe usually shocks us with the amount of prints, colors and ideas in every its collection. This resort collection seems more like a night out outfit routine, but a DU girl always trusts her tastes and wears what she wants whenever she wants, so it is pretty legal to be this bright for resort. I chose top 3 outfits from the whole collection, they are pretty different but sexy and strong.
180e4adf2060d4d640245d8a50b97458_universe11012_db0f338d5d46a1354f95b5c0bc_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 a4ad9dc218ca8f7bedd3d1bfcfe9b97c_universe11311_f28692fd226574db2bafcf42b2_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 57f78864a35aa25a05cc4328e63da697_universe11560_7133f624edecbebf3773f77f8d_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8

This collection is full of amazing details which we all should be mentioning. To start with “Could you fuck the sadness out of me?” and to finish with  “Another girl another world” things. I truly believe that this collection will go really far with sales, because the confidence which lives in every single outfit is really strong. If a woman tries any of these looks on, she will become a star of the night at one moment. Discount Universe did not miss the brightest moment – their favorite and traditional eye print and beautiful flowers. Make up is even more dramatic than outfits. It’s all about a little poor sad girl who finds her happiness in bright night life and clubs, she’s strong, but sometimes she’s really sad when she stays at home alone, even if it is not the best explanation of DU girl, I am pretty sure she will probably find her dress in this collection.collaget collage5 collage4 collage3 collage1 collage

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Gucci Resort 2017

03.06.2016 — by VD


At the beginning, I want to show you top 5 Gucci looks that I personally choose as highlights of the whole Gucci Resort 17 collection. The best thing about this collection is its idea of freedom, sweet life and absolute cuteness.

2a27008e23819899ac3f38fea4457218_gucci_resort_2017_17_9835c53c3807284ed54f6971b5_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 0c212bebda8e766d60cb96185282fb31_gucci_resort_2017_91_e1a5e8336a97a0dfb990b2f1cf_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 c5f95197626aa439ebf60ea96094fb5c_gucci_resort_2017_44_5910d787dda6b19113adbb1184_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 e541a42a08f6aea4fd8bd8678ceab758_gucci_resort_2017_63_248471db107786eb3f7dcf8190_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 3740f9756dcaf280a3a66b2eafb183a6_gucci_resort_2017_08_f8d29d93f71f495d5cd4b11453_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8

Alessandro Michele played with prints again. He combined feminine and masculine, sweets and snakes, florals and wild animals. Would you ever have such imagination to create this beauty? The whole collection looks like a big detailed painting with a lot of little, but important elements. Magic tiny girls almost walk like they just have got out from a magic forest. Alessandro mixes a lot of ideas at once – we can find his love to British punk culture in prints and jackets with spikes, romantic mood of a french girl from late 19th century decades and a modern woman look with an oversized coat and transparent elements of the outfit. Bright and aggressive colors go well with pale and glamorous tones. Lace with leather, silk with fur and so much more. It looks like a Gucci girl plans to travel some tropical countries and then visit London during her winter break ! Make up trends against brightness and over coloring. Just be natural and use more highlighter! In case if you get bored, you can always wear Gucci resort 17 accessories such as silk gloves, leather bags and glasses.collagewfe collagegre collagee32 collageee3 collage12 collage collage5 collage4 collage3 collage2 Копия collage collage


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