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Youth is now.

01.08.2017 — by VD



 Living in a crazy lifestyle and wearing Gucci sunglasses almost every day – I have to be thankful for everything I’ve got and I really am. Youth is happening today. We will never catch it in the future. We live only day and the main rule to be the best and the happiest is to follow only your heart. Np trends can tell you who you really are, but they can help you to feel your style deeper. This September I am doing London-Milan-Paris again, fashion week with Spring/Summer 18 season will be crazy. And I am very glad to announce that my favourite VD insiders – Maryana Ro, Edward Ateva, Galina Rover will be with our team during the season! This is going to be their first season, and I feel they are excited.

It is never late to do something for the first time, it is never late to feel the youth. Your soul is timeless, your style is timeless too.


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What’s your style?

01.07.2017 — by VD


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The  most common question I get is “what’s your style?”. I let myself think before I answer. What do you understand by the question “what’s your style”. Why do I wear this kind of silhouette or why do I prefer this print to that one? Why do I wear creepers instead of sneakers sometimes or why do I prefer wearing wigs? Every time I get this kind of question I start questioning myself even more – what do they want to hear? Are they excited to hear about new wave of any subculture or do they think they do not know something about the fashion world?

Let’s start with the easiest part. What do you understand under the word “style”. There are so many styles in the world, but your style is yours. Every human being has their own style. Style – is what do you wear and how do you combine elements of clothes. Sometimes subcultures (like punk subculture in 80’s or hippie in 70’s) made a style trend very massive – big groups of people started wearing mutual clothes – but everyone was still wearing it in their own way. The sense of style sometimes is not that good…some people prefer to copy mass market ideas and pick clothes by looking at it in a look book. You don’t have to pick, you can choose anything what’s ready personally for you. People with their own sense of fashion and personal style look charming. I traveled the world and found so many unique characters. Your style does not have to be the brightest – sometimes people have a very basic style, but it looks so pure and completed. It would be so perfect if every human being had their own style in my city – people would look really unique and inspirational. Expressing your personality is the thing you have to do for life, you are a human being – you are smart and you can prove you are not like everyone else.

That’s why I really love Couture fashion weeks. Every dress is very unique and nothing repeats itself. I am afraid to see every fashion week’s updates. Fashion becomes more and more mass market. Even famous fashion houses use less details and try to make dresses more simple. Cannot wait to see the new fashion week, which starts tomorrow.

When people ask me  “what’s your style” I tell them  “it’s me”.

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editor's letter

The power of 2016.

29.12.2016 — by VD


2016 was one of the most energetic years I have ever experienced. There were too many thing in 2016. We lost a lot of iconic figures and experienced not the best times. One of the saddest parts of the second part of 2016 was Franca’s death. No one expected she would be gone so early. She was one of the most fashionable and iconic figures in fashion industry. Also, she was my favorite Vogue editor. She had a really elegant and pretty style, she was recognizable everywhere! Also, we lost such inspirational people as Carrie Fisher, David Bowie and many others. Crazy things in the world were happening. Wars, terrorism, tragedies, but we kept going. Most of us have never been into such hard situation as people who actually experienced the breath of death during the war time. But we all prayed for every single soul


From sad news to some good news – we are stepping into 2017 and we are ready to rock the upcoming year! Designers surprise us with a total throwback to 90’s two latest seasons. We are looking forward fall 17/18 season. Oversized jackets, jeans, transgender looks, androgynous style – these things are going to rock 2017 even harder than a previous unlucky year! Gosha Rubchinskiy is going to make a collaboration with Kanye West, is it really going to happen? We are looking forward the hottest news!

Going trough a hard year does not mean staying without any good emotions at all ! We stalked Kylie Jenner for the whole 2016, we found out a lot about Gigi and Bella and we fell in love with Kendall. Also, we started missing Cara on the runway. Kardashians started literally running the world ! Is it a good trend or not – your decision, but beige ultra transparent long dresses and mini tops became must haves of all fashionistas. Every girl bought a lipstick by Kylie Jenner and followed famous young dive on Instagram.

Music industry did not stand on the same place also. We discovered new DJs, music bands and beautiful voices. Techno industry keeps taking the top rating in a club culture all over the world – with the main trend of 90’s in clothes we fell a little bit harder for music trends of the last decade of XX. Most of clubs were filled with techno lovers all over the world almost every day.

There could be so many things to talk about the 2016. But the year was really hard for everyone. The best idea is not to look back and remember all problems which were true. The best thing about our existence is our future – so let’s wish each other the best year ever, 2017 is coming !



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