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Fakoshima – editor’s choice.

01.03.2016 — by VD


I never fall in love with one single brand for a long period of time. Mostly, I am weak for the brand for 3-4 seasons, then it changes its trends and becomes boring for me. Collections always change, DNA stays the same but I always feel different. It never happens to me and fakoshima because this brand knows all secrets of future and present. Every collection is mysterious and fascinating. Their campaigns are filled with futurism and geometric shapes. I love to wear fakoshima glasses because they go with everything! No matter how do I look like – a grunge girl or a punk woman, a free spirit or a romantic bird – as soon as I put on my Fakoshima, I look perfect. Fakoshima is good for every season – wether it’s Sping or Winter. You can wear Fakoshima sunglasses to any party and you will be looking really fancy. I have my own Fakoshima from x Ria Keburia collaboration. To be honest, I would own all kinds of Fakoshima. Fakoshima grows each season. This time we can check out Fakoshima updates in Paris during Paris Fashion Week, i cannot wait to share with you their fresh news. My dream is to make a collaboration with this magic brand some day, in 5 years or 4, who knows?

Here is the latest Fakoshima campaign which I am in love with. Pure melancholy and freedom. Enjoy the photoshoot and be ready for new posts about Fakoshima !4unspecifiedьб unspecifiedвы unspecified6 unspecified5 unspecified3 unspecified2 unspecified1 unspecified

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Best VD Instagram moments of 2015

01.01.2016 — by VD


I had so many things in 2015. Let’s start with my crazy trip to Bournemouth MLS College. I was studying English there, but actually, I was there for Ashish. I found out about Ashish right one year ago and emailed him about a big interview, later he told me he had to fly to India during my arrival to London. But I visited the VILLAGE and checked his latest collection, In Bournemouth I lived 2 weeks by myself. I am not a kind of a party person but my bestfriend brought me to any possible parties we could visit ( in Bournemouth there were all week parties with no weekends!). I got really sick and some night I forgot to give a key to my friend, so she was supposed to stay at a random dude’s house. That was awkward, scary, but hilarious at the end. We visited a lot of places in London, had a big shopping on Oxford Street and met so many new people. That trip was perfect. We wanted to fly to London again, but sadly we did not.6CNDZV1uFIs I was lucky to touch and check Ashish’s latest collection. We came to London two days later menswear fashion week. I had all chances to visit that fashion show, but I had exam on that day, so I missed the fashion season.

Right after I came back to Moscow, I started going out. I have that one boy who parties a lot. Every weekend he goes out for some good techno and fun, but I am always against spending my time on nothing. In conclusion, I started going out too. We started partying (no, I did that just one time in 2 months, really!). But to be honest, I fell in love with techno music and its culture. He has proved me that going out is not that bad and sometimes it’s a lot of fun. But I am still against it and I still try to stay at home.

My first iconic collaboration with Elya Bulochka. She made me eat glitter and that video had a lot of hate comments and stuff like that, I did not actually care because I felt like I was a mermaid. Elya’s style is really iconic – all her creations remind of the beauty of ocean.
go8TFGhxAuEAs soon as we got to February, I was surprised with my first visit to Milan Fashion Week. Why was I surprised? My mother is always spontaneous. I had no idea she would actually fly to Milan with me. In Milan I was invited to Moschino Fashion Show. It was a total fail when my iPhone fell on the runway, it happened because a woman next to me pushed me and I dropped the phone. That was funny and sad at the same moment. Also, I was lucky to visit Moschino office for the first time! I met Enzo, who works for Moschino for the first time and we took a picture of me and the bear ! I was so thankful to Moschino for the invitation !
WevQgSNlZ2IHRoS057Au8YIn Milan I met 2 amazing girls. Maryleest – I never met her before, but my friend Ilfat introduced us to each other. She was absolutely gorgeous. Later, I met Sonya Esman and we had so much fun. After that night girls became closest friedns, I am happy for them!

When I arrived to Moscow, I had another big event – MBFWRussia. I had 5 outfits for 5 days. But my craziest outfit was for the 4th day of the fashion week. I made my eyebrows transparent. I almost had no eyebrows, I looked cute with that kind of face with no eyebrows, but I had to do black eyes all the time. Even after the fashion week I had to wear black eye shadows because I looked really weird with “no eyes” and no eyebrows.w38MMIzVccoSvlqKFd_Prs

Summer came really fast and I took David to SPB. The second capital of Russia. We had a lot of fun there. In less than 48 hours we did so many things and visited so many places, that was crazy.
ie0EPyJlnFg I am proud I did a collaboration with FASHION GALAXY store. It is one of the most famous multi-brand stores in Moscow. I visited their boutique and made a video. 7QTbyRD9UawThe craziest moment of summer 2015 was my trip to Turkey with friends. We had two trips – at the end of May and in the middle of July. That was a crazy trip. On the first time we got lost on a beach 3 hours before check out. We wanted to walk down the beach and we got into a territory of another hotel. When we left the hotel we got absolutely lost. Y_9vs6WS9K4 Later I visited Krasnodar, my bestfriend’s city. Melissa had a birthday party, but also we had some free time so we made a collaboration with STREET STYLE KRASNODAR – it’s the whole team which provides fashionistas with fashion news and fresh street style photos.8IshLISqUKU

One of my favorite parts of 2015 was photoshoots. I had so many photoshoots I stopped counting them in May. But my favorite photoshoot was with David ! There was so much energy in photos and we killed it.MuiBX-KO48w My crazy trip to Vienna was one of my favorite moments too. I visited the pool party and missed the plane on 24 hours! We misunderstood the dates of our leaving and when we were on check-in, we realized we were late on 24 hours. But there were our friends in Vienna and we spent 2 more days with them!CaUBxQuqUbAThe biggest surprise of September was my appearance on pages of  VOGUE RUSSIA. That was the biggest surprise for me and I was so happy I could not stay calm for a week ! That was the biggest goal in 2015. Even if I was a random person who appeared on that page, I was lucky to be the one!Tw69ejZg6o4 The whole 2015 I was friends with my lovely boy and a really talented illustrator – Aleksandr. He did a lot of projects with me and he drew me so many times ! bNAwd0ZFzHo

One of the brightest moments of the year was my new hair style. I am not going to lie. I was influenced by some people and some thoughts in my head. I was feeling mentally not really good, so I changed everything. I became happier and started feeling more confident. That was a really important step.

P1590ecMpLY I did a collaboration with MBFWRussia, they asked me to run their Instagram for the whole day, I was so happy. I never thought I would go that far. d_drRSMkP5cMilan fashion week and the day of my Birthday. I was nervous about my Birthday because that was the worst day ever. Not that day in Milan, I mean I had Birthdays! But I was so lucky to be on a Gucci fashion show and meet Bryanboy, Anna Dello Russo, Alexa Chung and many other celebrities ! That was amusing !
ue6egadRN6E When I was in London, I finally visited ASHISH fashion show. I fell in love with his S/S 16 collection and the mood of the catwalk. It was sparkly and shiny. Also, I got into LONDON’s LOCAL STORY on Snapchat! I had more than 70K views, that was amazing.eTVKCdxD7OwIn 2015 I started taking part in crazy project. One of the craziest shoots I ever had was that one. I was almost naked and my nipples were covered with random accessories. After that photoshoot I was not scared to pose with no clothes on. When you try something for the first time, you are not scared for the second time.9hBjWsxK6AERight before the MFW and LFW I got my hair shorter.
JUKfuicszQcI experienced both fashion weeks with Melissa Mustafa. We visited hundreds of places and a lot of shows – Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana – we were lucky !6kIp6nBtfFA 0jd-TJypOT4Bz7TqvuzRTE Kg9HBnQGDP4wiflR-oPu8U lbr4Df0IlkkqqwmioHrJKU -PrQv0DHNro EODLZWL95wY

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29.12.2015 — by VD


Few months ago we made a crazy photoshoot with Marusia Makhmutova ! We did more than 4 outfits and we were so in love with the atmosphere of the Pushba Studio, we killed it ! Our photoshoot was kind of a random ! I got a message from Marusia and we decided to make that project in one second. Enjoy our work and let me know which photo is your favorite ! We got inspired by modern art and the magic beauty of red and green lights.

In 2015 I did so many photoshoots, I was surprised with the number of photoshoots I took part in. If you want to see all project, make sure to scroll down my website’s dashboard and be ready for 3 more crazy shoots of 2015 ! Are you ready?
21wqwdIf you love modern art, you should totally fall in love with latest collections of Walter van Beirendonck and Thom Browne – these two people inspire me to do crazy things. I feel like this look was dedicated to them and their art. I love mixing their styles and being more than a human. The feeling of magic creature from another planet is so good, I will  never get over it. I am in love with being myself and creating. This is the most important thing nowadays.

I don’t feel like writing a lot in this post because photos do not need any caption, they are bright and they make me feel so confident about the present and the future. Everything depends on me and on the way of my mind. Future is near, it’s today and tomorrow and it always depends on your choice.
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Future is near, it’s today and tomorrow and it always depends on your choice.

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