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My favorite color is black

22.05.2016 — by VD


After a two months break our team is back. No life without fashion. No fashion without us.

There’s no doubt that fashion world never stops. Famous faces change each other season by season and collections come up with fresh ideas and new trends every 3 months. Crazy,huh? I was absolutely out of this world for the last 3 months. Now I am back with some new ideas and a bigger motivation. Did I miss it? Sure I did. Between fashion world 3 months ago and now there is a big distance. Russia goes crazy with 90’s trends and Europe still cannot get over cyber trends. Coachella, Met Gala and a lot of other unforgettable events happened, we missed a lot of things to share with you ! But the most important thing is that we will never leave you. Voguediary – is the new space in the whole industry. We judge, we give comments and we make sense. My team and I – VD, we are really glad to post again. 20160408-IMG_7396To begin with, I am starting this post with some hot photos we have made some time ago with Olga and Nastya. They made some magnificent photos which I could not wait to finally post. They mixed feminine and masculine at once and it was a strong combination of 2 really powerful qualities.
20160408-IMG_7372 20160408-IMG_6885 IMG_5450VDP beautiful clutches and outfits for the VD editorial IMG_5454IMG_5407So wonderful that VDP with their new creative director try to change the visualization of VDP instead of changing its beautiful DNA. You can be 15 wearing VDP or your age can be more than 50, but you still look cute in sparkly blouses and khaki bombers. In 2016 there is no age limit in fashion. And this trend did not come just in 2016. Women have always wanted to look younger. Modern fashion makes everything possible – if you need a perfect silhouette, which goes great with your body – you are the queen no matter how old are you. Anna Dello Russo is not the youngest lady on the runway, but she keeps shining brighter than most of young girls in fashion industry. And believe me, it’s going to last forever. Is the secret silhouette – the key of youth? No, it’s not the only thing you should follow. It’s about the way you feel. If you feel like an old stylish lady who’s not into parties which have been absolutely created for young fools – you will always be the most boring lady ever !IMG_5466

Be everything you want, because there is only one thing you can do about your life to make yourself the happiest person on Earth – be yourself.

IMG_543020160408-IMG_7254Don’t forget about androgynous types of people who really inspire me lately. Maybe, it’s just my dream look, by I think it’s the sexiest moment of 2016 – to be a hot creature. Girls are still girls – you always stay a girl if you are a girl and if you act like a boy. Your DNA decided for you – who you are, but it cannot tell you how you actually feel. If you are a boy and if you feel more feminine, including the fact that it’s not even effecting your sexual orientation –  be that boy. Be more feminine and keep on checking womenswear. Even if you are a boy who likes other boys – be yourself and do what you feel. If you are a girl and you are covered with useless information from your friends about the idea of the “real” girl’s role in life, just let these confessions go. Let them all go. Do not be scared to cut your hair off or do some crazy things. Even falling in love with someone you cannot be in love with, why not? Be everything you want, because there is only one thing you can do about your life to make yourself the happiest person on Earth – be yourself. This is the greatest example in fashion industry and I always get amazed by how cute fashion is! Yesterday, actually almost 70 years ago, we all wore crazy New Look dresses and now we get obsessed with thigh gaps and Instagram ratings !20160408-IMG_722620160408-IMG_7165IMG_5486IMG_5530What’s going to be in fashion tomorrow? How are we going to feel in 5 years, 10 years? Everything depends on us and our lifestyle. Maybe, technologies will do their job or maybe someone famous will bring back the turtle neck back. Let’s be realistic today – fashion is the most detailed and complicated thing, because it mixes more than 20 centuries, 50 cultures or even 100 countries. Too big to fit my mind, but to small for the Universe. We created fashion, so it will be following us as a tiny little cat for the rest of its life. -VD.IMG_5542IMG_5643


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Street style stories

12.04.2016 — by VD


Let’s get back to 3 weeks ago with NEPOHOZHIE. We created 3 hot outfits for the spring with Leform boutique, which is based in the centre of Moscow. Leform has a big range of products including world famous fashion brands. I always feel really relaxed when I get inside Leform. Also, this boutique sells Russian brands such as Tegin, I am a huge fan of mysterious minimalism of the brand and every their concept is a pure art.

The first outfit was dedicated to a modern city life with its vibes, no time for a tiny talk or a romantic date – business meetings all day and leather Watanabe jackets all night. We decided to mix silk and leather and got some really hot combinations. Check out our photos and let us know what do you think ! More photos will be out this week, are you excited to see what’s next? Something feminine or freaky? Will see. – VD.A03Y1447 A03Y1592 A03Y2007 A03Y1931 I wear Junya Watanabe leather white jacket with blue EACH x OTHER blouse and black leather Watanabe trousers. Melissa wears ACNE black leather oversized jacket, black EACH x OTHER blouse. A03Y1225 A03Y1120

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Fakoshima – editor’s choice.

01.03.2016 — by VD


I never fall in love with one single brand for a long period of time. Mostly, I am weak for the brand for 3-4 seasons, then it changes its trends and becomes boring for me. Collections always change, DNA stays the same but I always feel different. It never happens to me and fakoshima because this brand knows all secrets of future and present. Every collection is mysterious and fascinating. Their campaigns are filled with futurism and geometric shapes. I love to wear fakoshima glasses because they go with everything! No matter how do I look like – a grunge girl or a punk woman, a free spirit or a romantic bird – as soon as I put on my Fakoshima, I look perfect. Fakoshima is good for every season – wether it’s Sping or Winter. You can wear Fakoshima sunglasses to any party and you will be looking really fancy. I have my own Fakoshima from x Ria Keburia collaboration. To be honest, I would own all kinds of Fakoshima. Fakoshima grows each season. This time we can check out Fakoshima updates in Paris during Paris Fashion Week, i cannot wait to share with you their fresh news. My dream is to make a collaboration with this magic brand some day, in 5 years or 4, who knows?

Here is the latest Fakoshima campaign which I am in love with. Pure melancholy and freedom. Enjoy the photoshoot and be ready for new posts about Fakoshima !4unspecifiedьб unspecifiedвы unspecified6 unspecified5 unspecified3 unspecified2 unspecified1 unspecified


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