Edward Ateva profile.

22.03.2017 — by VD



Edward Ateva.

Locations : Moscow, LA

Age : currently 20.

Amount of followers: 800K Instagram followers, 1.5M YouTube followers.

Favorite colors : all kinds, probably bright - orange, yellow. Also, prefers black and white combinations in clothes.

"Your style is what you wear. You have to be confident and wear what do you want. I prefer clothes i like and I never think if I should wear it or not"

Fashion icons : I think that Justin Bieber owns his area in fashion industry. Everyone wants to be like him. Is not that cool?

Favorite brands: I prefer Lacoste or H&M, sometimes it does not matter. I love everything. I used to be in love with Adidas, but now I have some doubts.

Wish list : I do not think there is such a thing. If I want something what is really expensive and I cannot afford it, I guess it becomes unpopular by the time I have enough money for this. It happens every time to me ! (laughs) And I do not like to spend much money on clothes. I do not think it's right to pay too much just for the brand. This is sickness !

The best fashion locations : I think it is LA. People there look really simple, but so catchy! Also, it's Italy and France. People really inspire me there. Also, Prague has a lot of fashionable kids.


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