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10 S/S 17 rules.

20.03.2017 — by VD


Rule N1. Wear jackets.

Next Spring is going to be very 80’s. As the beginning of the trend we could basically take the last Spring, which was a total 90’s throwback. This Spring/Summer season contains asymmetric big “father’s” jackets made of strong fabrics. These jackets will give more attention to your shoulders. Combine such looks with tiny clutches and the contrast between your real gender stereotypical look and the reality of trends will be in a very good relationship.


Rule N2. Buy at least one transparent dress.

Have you ever felt sexy? How far those times? Come back to the purest and sexiest look with a simple transparent little dress. It can be long or short – it does not matter. You will look absolutely tiny and fabulous wearing something romantic.


Rule N3. Choose one color.

Trends are changing so fast. You can never catch them, but the best idea is to play with them. The same thing is about the color. Some colors do not fit you , but others can change your whole appearance – choose the color which fits you and let it be real. One outfit can include more than 3 shades of a basic color. Also, it is a reason to play with fabrics (denim + silk / denim + chiffon). The biggest problem is to find a bag with the same color !


Rule N4. Your stripes – your rules.

Stripes are never out of fashion. They come back to runways from season to season. There is no doubt there will be at least one outfit which fits your body perfectly. Stripes can correct your silhouette. But be patient with them – they do not go really well with some other prints, sometimes it could be too much !


Rule N5. Pink dress.

Next summer is the craziest time – the most iconic year of pink. Most of designers created pink dresses as must haves from their collections. If you do not have any pink dress or outfit piece – run! Shopping will seem really fun, because most of shops will be filled with pink dresses. Pink color reminds of youth, virginity and freedom – as we all dream of our childhood and sweet birthday cakes sometimes, we could buy all pink dresses at once!


Rule N6. Oversized looks.

The new luxury is the comfort in expensive brands. Wear long oversized sweaters with mini shorts and creepers. Jackets can be really comfortable if the size of their pockets is more than L and you can put a bunch of 7+ iPhones inside. Even if you try to look skinnier – this trend hides all your “secret” body parts, which you prefer to hide. Close yo pajama style is very cozy and cute. Go for it!


Rule N7. Do you have a hat?

Hats, caps and everything for your head becomes popular next summer. Do not be scared to hide, the sun is very bright. But your outfit should probably be brighter! You can play with silhouettes, colors, themes or anything you want, there are no borders in wearing head accessories. You can be chic or you can be a cartoon character, you choose.


Rule N8. Birds can bring you to the moon.

A little romance is always your secret wish. Feathers may give you butterflies during your walk. If you find something like latest Prada collection outfits – you are probably the luckiest. The mix of strict jacket and romantic girly feathers is a chocolate with milk for any fashionista. Also feathers can make you the most fabulous if you wear them with a maxi dress, everything depends on what occasion you prefer to put them on.


Rule N9. Mini top and a mini skirt – all black.

Black mini skirt and black mini top looking like a bra, seems basic, huh? But there are so many ways you can play with it. A little transparency can give you the most romantic look ever. Leather will give you the power and the amount of belts on your body say a lot about your self-confidence.


Rule N10. Do not be fake, let your silhouette be !

Notning really matters if you act fake. Be who you are and wear fancy outfits, which can include some fake pockets and fake stripes. It is so much fun to give people illusions about your jackets and skirts.


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Louis Vuitton resort 2017

04.06.2016 — by VD


Louis Vuitton always win resort season. When we come to LV fashion shows, they are all about a huge final success and a perfect show. Everything is detailed and has a meaning – from a chosen location to make up ideas. This time Louis Vuitton brought us to Rio de Janeiro. I chose 3 absolutely different looks – maxi, midi and mini for different occasions. The little mini dress is perfect for a night out in the city, the #2 outfit is the best for every day life during the weekend – you can walk fast and feel comfortable. What about the #1 outfit – it is the best creature from the whole resort collection. The obsessive colors make a magnificent combination!f2ca244652b0fbb99487fd2b3c07455a_liu0839_d4cee089664425994ca0758bde_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 efbb326d67d4f3f53958afab5c28c644_liu0653_7113e44f99a10c5542faef3996_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 a387fa23ed7e6cef232ca9c464c872df_liu0457_6db7bad7ef0816ec9d15a82e31_bbc4130b7d335b379865ce790ee87ab8 The collection goes really great with a hot temperature and wet climate. Straight silhouettes make no doubts and make you feel less stressful about your appearance. Big boombox bags and beautiful color decisions – from sky blue to bright red. Sandals are the best footwear for this kind of looks. Free hair and minimalism in make up – no one wants to be unnatural during the holiday season. Interesting inserts and cut outs in the middle of dresses and beautiful strong leather bombers – it seems like you just got off your race! That’s right, never stop your traveling race.collage88 collage8 collage5 collage3 collage2 collage1


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