Dirk Bikkembergs Fall 17/MENSWEAR

18.01.2017 — by VD


#VDCHOICE : 15 of 38 looks.

Absolutely one of our favorite #MFW collections. Strict, but cute enough. Leather, fur and prints – 3 main keys of the fall 17 collection.  Going from total black at the beginning to absolute white at the end. This collection is really different to its previous, but amazing and impressive in the best way. If we could explain the collection with one word, we would probably choose the word #PURE . Fabrics look expensive and wearable and this style does not need any “details”. It’s pretty enough to have such a silhouette with soft and trendy colors. Suits complete the geometry of perfection – every man should have at least one suit for a day time, lunch time and a date time ! We probably have a secret crush on this brand for now !
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Damir Doma Fall17/MENSWEAR

18.01.2017 — by VD


#VDCHOICE : 11 of 42 looks.

Brown, dark grey and carrot red – let’s play with silhouettes, structures and details. New Damir Doma collections completes every trend of fashion industry. A little bit structured, suits and coats with oversized silhouettes – the best way to look fabulous is not to care about idealization. Russian motives in red combinations give a “free spirit” idea to the collection. Feeling happy and independent. Inspiration will come with a new day if you are wearing Damir Doma fall 17.
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J.W. Anderson Fall 17/MENSWEAR

13.01.2017 — by VD


When the history meets modern fashion, we never do a step back, we go into the future with a perfect view of the past. J.W. Anderson presented a good collection with colorful prints and ethnic style. Orange, blue, yellow, green – all colors look perfectly with silhouette. No doubts this collection made a lot of street style must haves for fashionistas!t768x1152-188 t768x1152-189 t768x1152-190 t768x1152-191 t768x1152-192 t768x1152-193 t768x1152-194 t768x1152-195


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