Films to watch

Kill Your Darlings, 2013

26.09.2017 — by Maria Grib

Directed by John Krokidas
Produced by Michael Benaroya, Christine Vachon, Rose Ganguzza, Jared Ian Goldman, John Krokidas
Country : United States
Language : English
Box office :  $1 030 064
Running time : 104 minutes









Key words
:  40’s, poets, New York, cigarettes, jazz, murder, paranoia, books, the Beat Generation.





Plot in few words : The story is about the college days of some of the earliest members of the Beat Generation (Lucien Carr, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and Jack Kerouac), their interactions, and the killing in Riverside Park in Manhattan, New York City.


Reasons 2 watch :
– based on real events
– amazing jazz music
– unexpected turn of actions
– perfect cast
– breakes your heart
– atmosphere of New York in 40’s




Be careful, you are not in Wonderland. I’ve heard the strange madness long growing in your soul, in your isolation but you fortunate in your ignorance. You who have suffered find where love hides, give, share, lose, lest we die unbloomed.

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VD choice : If you are ready to open your mind and heart for the next experiences for the characters, then this movie definitely suits you. While watching it, you don’t notice how you are transferred to New York in the 1940s. The film has everything from sincere love to murder. Music perfectly complements the movie, so you you will be puzzled and delighted.

Films to watch

Beyond The Black Rainbow, 2010

14.08.2017 — by Lolita Kvit

Directed by: Panos Cosmatos
Produced by: Oliver Linsley, Christia Nordstokke
Country: Canada
Language: English
Budget: 1,1 $ million
Box Office: 56, 491 $
Running Time: 110 minutes

Keywords: futuristic, 80's, science, captivity, sedatives, spirituality, drug experience, minimalism, neons, psyсhic violence, hypnotic, transcendence, psychedelics, avant-garde, surrealism, insane, hallucinate.

Plot in few words: Despite being under heavy sedation, a young woman tries to make her way out of the Arboria Institute, a secluded, quasifuturistic commune.


Reasons 2 Watch:
- Dazzling visuals
- Futuristic locations and shots
- Neon lights!
- Deep, resonating audio
- Surrealistic and totally unusual atmosphere
VD Choice: The best option for you is to let yourself be totally absorbed by hypnotic atmosphere and soundtracks of this 80's/surrealistic/futuristic masterpiece filmed by Panos Cosmatos. Not everyone is able to appreciate this work but it is definitely worth watching (especially for those who are keen on visual aesthetics, symmetry, complex plot and hidden metaphors).


Films to watch

Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014

29.06.2017 — by VD


Directed by Wes Anderson
Produced by Wes Anderson, Scott Rudin, Steven Rales, Jeremy Dawson
Country : USA, Germany, UK
Language : English
Budget : 25 $ million
Box office : 174,8 $ million
Running time : 100 minutes

Key words : pink, 60’s, blue, 30’s, imagination, fairytale. pale colours, cakes, champagne, smile, sparkles.


Plot in few words :  Mysterious death of an old woman (Madame D.) who owned the hotel made a huge scandal between her son and Monsieur Gustave.

About the hotel : You cannot visit the hotel, because it doesn’t exist, but you can find out about mutual hotels, which gave inspiration to the team. “We looked at archive photos from many different hotels, including several hotels in London, Scotland, Switzerland—all over the place. Personally, I think the design was most influenced by the Grandhotel Pupp, which sits on a hill overlooking the town of Karlovy Vary.” – art director Adam Stockhausen. Görlitz Warenhaus department store was one of the locations where the films was shooting. It became a home base for the whole team and the whole interior of the warehouse became the interior lobby of the [Grand Budapest] Hotel.

Reasons 2 watch :
– 2 the most beautiful decades at once : 30’s and a 60’s
– pink colors
– good humour
– beautiful landscapes
– interesting scenario
– Wes Anderson’s creation



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VD choice : The best way to get inspiration from a movie is to watch this masterpiece by Wes Anderson! The way he works on every movie is unique. Even if a character dies during the film, you do not get sad, you just keep watching and smiling because life seems very beautiful and charming !


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