Meeting Cesare Catania in Milan: the “Modern Leonardo Da Vinci”

03.07.2017 — by VD


Few weeks ago our team visited Milan. We were lucky to meet Cesare Catania and check out his amazing art. Here's our inspirational character we want to introduce you.

“The modern Leonardo da Vinci”. This is how the London ‘Luxury News’ magazine directed by James Phillips nicknames the Italian artist Cesare Catania, special guest during the contemporary art exhibition at the Fabbrica del Vapore MUSEUM in Milan organized in conjunction with the fashion week.

Curious about this international phenomenon and the well-known fame that precedes him, our team met him in Milan. He was available and being hospitable as all Italians, he kindly invited me to his gallery to see his works in person.

Entering into the artist’s gallery (as well as civil engineer Cesare Catania) you have the impression of having access to a surreal world, halfway between an engineering studio and a contemporary art studio: so there are technical prints, brushes, canvases, sculptures, plotters , notebooks, rulers, measuring lasers, et. All in the same space. Just as in the same way the two worlds coexist in the Italian artist’s head, the absolute genius of art and engineering, just as Leonardo da Vinci did more than 500 years ago. All seasoned with a great success.


After having exhibited at the Louvre Museum, in London, at the Biennial in Montecarlo, in Lugano, Cesare Catania has just written his first book titled Genesis, more than 500 pages containing the biography, works and techniques of the artist.

“I’ve always had passion for colours, painting and sculpture,” comments Cesare Catania during our interview. “The passage between passion and success is often very short: you just have to cultivate the first, even going against the flow, and the second comes by itself. In all fields.”

Cesare Catania - Zoom_E7A6047

Catania tells me about his art just as a child talks about his toys. And while criticism from around the world, journalists and industry experts confirm his artistic talent, he continues to strive higher and higher. From Asia to the Côte d’Azur, from Europe to the United States, galleries and collectors contact him interested in his works.

I continue the tour in the artist’s gallery and I’m fascinated in front of all of the works. Especially in front of “Self Portrait – dedicated to Michelangelo and Newton” (150cm x 150cm – 2016), “Troishommes” (260cm x 160cm – 2017), “The Man who does not see” (150cm x 120cm – 2013), “The Harlequin in the land of the Giants” (100cm x 100cm – 2017), “The Mouth of Etna – B Version” (100cm x 100cm – 2017), “Aleftina and Her Dolls – B Version” (65cm x 50cm – 2015). I notice that his works of art are extremely varied, both in the subjects represented and in the techniques used. The Italian genius ranges from oil to spatulate cloth, to acrylic on wood, passing through tapestries and sculptures, from abstract-informal to hyperealism, all with a disarming ease. Curious about this I ask for an explanation …. Well ….With the same ease, he answers: “I wake up in the morning and express what I have inside, without filters. I don’t have artistic currents or masters to follow. I only follow myself.”

#art #contemporaryart #painting #sculpture #artist #cesarecatania Title of Sculpture: THE MAN WHO DOES NOT SEE ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Description: Inspired by the reflections on the overall condition of the human race, “The Man Who Does Not See” represents the Author blindfolded. The man is immersed in the society around him blindfolded. Sometimes he tries to “take a breath of fresh air” like a man immersed in water trying to emerge. The tones of yellow “cheerful and bright” symbolize a context of a “golden cage”, the expression of a society that appears serene and happy when viewed “with the blindfold”. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #love #masterpiece #selfie #instaart #man #red #abstract #gallery #artofvisuals #artwork #paint #beauty #cesare #pictureoftheday #photography #artoftheday #catania #colour #contemporaryartist #instagood #instamood #follow4follow #followme #travel

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In almost 90 minutes Cesare Catania tells me about his works and inspirations, making me leap back into history, science, philosophy, etc. … His works have explicit references to Michelangelo, Chagal, Heisemberg, Pythagoras, Newton, Pier Luigi Nervi, and in general literature, engineering, maths and music, the fruit of a life full of passion and interests.

I leave Cesare Catania’s gallery fascinated by his art and the person he is. A full-fledged 360 degree artist who, while living in the digital age of social networks and virtual reality, is able to excite art lovers and not only, as do the high-tech names of modern and contemporary art.

Aleftina and Her Dolls - 1

Aleftina and Her Dolls - 1 Aleftina and Her Dolls - 2 Self Portrait - 1 Self Portrait - 3

One of my favourite masterpieces was the one with a foot, chess ground, a head and a body, a book…it’s a very surrealistic painting with a lot of meanings inside. The light, the night, the shape – everything has its own meaning and by Cesare’s creative mind becomes a timeless example of a modern art.
The Harlequin in the land of teh Giants - 1 The Harlequin in the land of the Giants - 2

My second favourite masterpiece was that magic 3D face, which threw so much energy at me as soon as I saw it. The painting is half a sculpture and it is very powerful and emotional.
The Man who does not see - 1 The Man who does not see - 2 The Man who does not see - 3 The Mouth of Etna - B - 1 The Mouth of Etna - B - 2 The Mouth of Etna - B - 3 The Mouth of Etna - B - 4

Cesare is a very smart person and even little talk with him can make your brains feel like their inspired in a very mathematics way. Cesare is into details and some of his paintings have a magic numerology, which a normal person needs to understand with a little pressure. It gets really exciting when Cesare starts speaking about any of his masterpieces. You get so many answers on so many questions. It’s magical.

Trois Hommes - 1 Trois Hommes - 3

Find out more about Cesare Catania on his INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, official website or YOUTUBE.



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