The most unique profiles list #1

15.08.2017 — by VD


@TEALECOCO – beautiful model and a new designer of leather accessories for body. She’s famous for her extraordinary looks and a little bit erotic outfits. Teale has a beautiful light hair Color and her face is the highlight of every campaign she takes part in.

@ID_ITALY – Italian ID always posts amazing bright photos, which inspire and motivate. Italian ID has its own vision of fashion.

@DELABLANCA_ – one of the most interesting characters we’ve ever seen on Instagram, his style is unforgettable and his short video scenes are very exciting. He’s never thinking of someone’s opinion. He just keeps inspiring others.

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@LUKEVSMITH – British boy with a good taste in Instagram profile running and fashion. Every photo from his profile seems like a masterpiece.

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@MARIA7ORQUE – DJ and a visual artist, she inspires her fans with sexy outfits and amazing performances in art galleries. Her profile is breathtaking and it does not matter if she’s naked or not – she is a pure art.

WHO ARE THEY . Which is the story that you wanted to tell us with this images? . @_1por1_: ánima y ánimus using persona (1) with eyes closed. ánima is the soul of the woman and ánimus the soul of the man. persona confers the awareness of existence. persona with eyes closed over the person eliminates the consciousness of existence. . persona (1): (latin, actor's “mask") would represent the archetype of the mask. . With this hiperrealistic mask of our face we want to transmit that our own face is a mask. A mask over our spirit. The mask of our mask has eyes closed and doesnt let us see, being us only in spirit and letting the viewer see only the mask. . QUIÉNES SON . ¿Cuál es la historia que nos habéis querido contar a través de estas imágenes? . @_1por1_: ánima y ánimus con persona (1) de ojos cerrados sobre persona. Ánima es el alma de la mujer y ánimus el alma del hombre. La persona confiere la conciencia de la existencia. la persona de ojos cerrados sobre la persona elimina la conciencia de existencia. . persona (1): (del latín, “máscara” del actor) representaría el arquetipo de la máscara. . Con esta mascara hiperrealista de nuestra cara queremos transmitir que nuestra propia cara es una mascara. Una mascara sobre nuestro espiritu. La mascara de nuestra mascara tiene los ojos cerrados y no nos deja ver, volviendo asi nosotros a estar solo en espiritu y dejando ver al espectador solo la mascara. . “máscara hiperrealista": @filipcustic y @maria7orque ” a piece specially created for @gucci painted by @vicentguijarro . Photo: @aaserrano

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Pokras Lampas, @pokraslampas

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Nickname : @pokraslampas
Unique qualities : modern vision of art and calligraphy. Creative mind and an inspirational soul. Went in history with the special project for Fendi.
How to find : Instagram


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VD Choice : talented people inspire. This is why we want to share you as many characters as we can, This is our June favourite persona – Pokras Lampas. He’s  famous for his unique style and beautiful collaborations with Lamborghini, Fendi, Nike and other brands. In last 2 years he gained a lot of popularity trough his artworks.

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There are moment in life when you feel like you are not bright enough or creative enough. The same thing we never say about Candy Ken. A rapper from Austria, who is also a very good model. Candy Ken is known by his bright looks, Hello Kitty stickers and Instagram craziness. He is  not a shy one. He’s never scared to show his beautiful (!) body and after gym results. He’s truly an inspiration – he always says to live a happy life and be thankful for what you have. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, SO ARE YOU! IMG_7563IMG_7564Candy Ken has few  bright music videos, which you should probably check ! He is also a friend of many famous fashion bloggers, shooted for magazines and traveled the world a lot! He has a lot of experience which he shares with followers! He is never afraid of wearing pink, because it is one of his favorite colors! There are so many things we can learn from this pink sparkly boy!

One of our favorite Candy Ken music videos is so much fun! Candy Ken took fan snaps for the video – so easy, but so catchy! Do not forget to follow Candy Ken on social networks because he will give you so much inspiration and you will smile a lot !



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