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29.12.2015 — by VD


Few months ago we made a crazy photoshoot with Marusia Makhmutova ! We did more than 4 outfits and we were so in love with the atmosphere of the Pushba Studio, we killed it ! Our photoshoot was kind of a random ! I got a message from Marusia and we decided to make that project in one second. Enjoy our work and let me know which photo is your favorite ! We got inspired by modern art and the magic beauty of red and green lights.

In 2015 I did so many photoshoots, I was surprised with the number of photoshoots I took part in. If you want to see all project, make sure to scroll down my website’s dashboard and be ready for 3 more crazy shoots of 2015 ! Are you ready?
21wqwdIf you love modern art, you should totally fall in love with latest collections of Walter van Beirendonck and Thom Browne – these two people inspire me to do crazy things. I feel like this look was dedicated to them and their art. I love mixing their styles and being more than a human. The feeling of magic creature from another planet is so good, I will  never get over it. I am in love with being myself and creating. This is the most important thing nowadays.

I don’t feel like writing a lot in this post because photos do not need any caption, they are bright and they make me feel so confident about the present and the future. Everything depends on me and on the way of my mind. Future is near, it’s today and tomorrow and it always depends on your choice.
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Future is near, it’s today and tomorrow and it always depends on your choice.

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How I feel

18.12.2015 — by VD


Sometimes I feel like I could play in really strong movies with a difficult life situations of characters. I feel like I am going trough hard times sometimes, but do I know the real sadness? Even if I really go trough so many things in life, most of times I happily smile as on one of the great photos by Maria Ostanina ! Actually, photos show what am I inside. I love thinking and being passionate about my job. We tried to show the difference in my face on each photo. I think I could play in movies and I would do my job as great as I could. We all go trough deep thoughts and hard situations in life, but it should not ever stop us from trying. Most  of people, even your friends can say that you are not going to get things you want. But your life is unique and no one knows where you going to be tomorrow and who will be next to you. Life is hard, but so many other people would say that they would love to live as you live now, so why aren’t you happy with what you have now? Maybe, it’s a deep crush on someone or an unsolved problem or maybe it’s a tragedy in your life. But you cannot stop enjoying the fact that you are breathing. Be happy with that and inspire others on great adventures in life ! We hope you will enjoy our little project.IMG_0036 IMG_0038 IMG_0046 IMG_0070 IMG_0032 IMG_0090 IMG_0109 IMG_0098 IMG_0102IMG_0099 IMG_0095 IMG_0088 IMG_0108 IMG_0074


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