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Tea time at Sketch /London/

29.06.2017 — by VD


Every time you visit London, do not forget to have a cup of tea at Sketch.

Location   : 9 conduit street
London W1S 2XG

Key words: pink, cute, love letter, date, tea time, mirrors, cakes, catchy, romantic.
Areas : the Gallery, the Lecture Room, the Parlour, the Glade, the East Bar
Opening hours :

/The Parlour/ All day from Breakfast to Cocktails
Monday to Friday – 7am to 2am
Saturday – 8am to 2am
Sunday – 8am to midnight

/The Glade/
All day Brunch to Cocktails
Monday to Friday – 7am to 2am
Saturday – 8am to 2am
Sunday – 8am to midnight

/The Gallery/
Afternoon Tea – Monday to Sunday – 11.30pm to 4pm
Dinner – Monday to Saturday – 6.30pm to 2am
Sunday – 6pm to midnight

/The Lecture Room & Library/
Lunch – Friday & Saturday – Noon to 2.15pm
Dinner – Tuesday to Saturday – 7pm to 10pm


If you have some time to drink an afternoon tea or have a cute date with a stranger in London, you need to visit one of the most beautiful locations – Sketch. VD team finds this place absolutely adorable and we suggest you to get there at least 2 times – during the day and the night time. Sketch is famous for its beautiful interiors – every room is absolutely different. As you step inside you feel a different energy in every room. Let’s get straight to the difference between every room of this magic area.

the Gallery

The prettiest location inside of Sketch for some great Afternoon tea.
Celebrated British artist, David Shrigley, has transformed the Gallery at sketch as part of a long-term programme of artist-conceived restaurants. Open for afternoon tea and dinner the project follows the huge success of artist Martin Creed’s restaurant commission at sketch in 2012.
239 new works line the restaurant’s walls, forming the largest group of original drawings David Shrigley has ever exhibited.
India Mahdavi, who has created a backdrop for David Shrigley’s artwork, conceived a soothing, monochromatic, strikingly comprehensive interior. The classic, almost bourgeois design invites a deliberately playful contrast with the witty, outré art works; all is most certainly not what it seems. While matching sketch’s delight in the avant-garde, this harmonious disorder breaks with the Gallery’s usual eclecticism.



the Lecture Room

Ascend the stairs to the Lecture Room & Library, sketch’s two Michelin starred gastronomic restaurant.
Created by leading Interior Designer Gahban O’Keeffe providing a spacious and relaxing atmosphere, all ‘tasting’ and ‘a la carte’ menus are devised by French Master Chef Pierre Gagnaire, offering a unique breadth of ingredients and a complexity of combinations. The extensive and acclaimed wine list was awarded ‘Best Award for Excellence’ by the Wine Spectator and AA Guide’s ‘Best UK Wine List’.



the Parlour

From day to day the Parlour is home to the finest delicacies of the sketch chefs. Lounge on a variety of Louis XV seating in the quirky and eccentric patisserie, restaurant and bar from breakfast, through bars snacks and until the last drink before home… The Parlour turns into a cocktail bar from 6pm to 2am (Members only from 9pm)



the Glade

The magic surrounding this woodland bar, provides an ideal setting for brunch & evening cocktails… breakfast & bar snacks too. Circa 2012, Founder Mourad Mazouz, Artists Carolyn Quartermaine and Didier Mahieu created an enchanted découpage forest; which appears like something half-remembered and yet completely contemporary. Taking inspiration from early c20th stationery, they re-painted, enlarged and reversed the design, printing it onto hundreds of metres of paper. Each piece is handcut, and découpaged to the walls.



the East Bar

An ultra modern bar and lounge created by Mourad Mazouz & acclaimed designer Noe Douchafour Lawence, the East Bar is an intimate, stylish space for sketch diners to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail.

eastbar_03 eastbar_04

Photo credits and information credits :

Don’r be afraid to dream, because in Sketch all the sweetest dreams are coming true!

VD thoughts : finding a perfect place, where your aesthetics could match the reality is a dream. Sketch is a place which matches aesthetics of our team and VD concept. We really love this place and suggest you to visit it.



25.05.2017 — by VACUUM


Let me introduce the next place u have to visit in Moscow: SQUAT 3/4. It’s not just a perfect techno club but also a day-chilling location. SQUAT located in city center in old Turkish bath a little bit antique style. That’s why interior is sooo charming n unusual for such place. Also, there r lots of location for making perfect insta pix. Btw, there is a Greek restaurant, night club, barbershop n boutique. This Friday VD team had all day n night vibes there.
1. Greek diner SITÓ.
Food is so nice here u even can’t imagine!!! The best pejnerli (w/ beef n tomatoes), classic musaka, home-made wine n of course delicious orange pie, the best dishes I ever eat, really! I can make a long text about it but it’s worth nothing while u don’t try it by urself.
Atmosphere so unusual, as I said at the beginning, so it’s like a fashionable basement w different Ancient Greek decorations n lots of techno details. We like it very much!
Let’s I’ll speak from my heart, I really like SITÓ n we’ll visit it often.


2. Night club.
This Friday here took place awesome techno party QUINTESSENTIAL. Speaking about professional level, it’s on top!!! Very high quality of sound, cool light n what’s so important fair barmen!
SQUAT’ management have a good music taste. I’ve been there 3 times and every party had wonderful dj n this time wasn’t an exception.




13.04.2017 — by VACUUM


The 2nd nightclub I want to tell u about is REX PARIS. We were raving there with Kristen during this season of Paris Fashion Week. Choice of dat place was random! But we like it! Let’s see why:

  1. Location: Boulevard Poissonnière 3 (Bonne Nouvelle subway station), as we know, Poissonnière is very famous night chilling place in Paris, there’re lots of different pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants n etc. That’s why u’ll easily find some pre-party near the Rex. Also, u can quickly get to most of breathtaking Parisian sightseeing (Gare du Nord, Louvre, Sacré-Cœur, Invalides).
  2. FC/DC: Idu exactly about any DC rules, but I think it’s the same like in every European club, something basic n casual. We think they don’t care!
  3. Music: we were really surprised by randomly choosing club, because music was sooooo cool. Deep house, light techno and lots of their symbiosis… I can’t say, dat there were the best sound I’ve ever hear, but enough for good Saturday’s chill.
  4. Atmosphere: First of all, it’s placed in well-known Le Grand Rex cinema, that’s why no more words about exterior appearance are need! After FC n ticket’ buying (20€) we went downstairs. Inside it’s pretty nice, without something extraordinary. But amiable public make it gorgeous.


U’ll find us on the REX’ dance floor between Saint Laurent n H&M studio afterparty next season.


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