Barcelona Black Friday

30.12.2016 — by VD


Last November I visited Barcelona. It was my first trip to such a beautiful and charming city. I had only 2,5 days to see the every corner. But I probably did not see even the half of the city. I arrived on Thursday (people in Barcelona go out on Thursdays and parties last until Sundays), so I had no idea I would be leaving with a headache and a couple of new dresses and happy eyes of a party blogger. I booked one of pretty good looking hotels in the centre of the city, we were 1km away from the main street. The story began on the first night.

First hour at our hotel, fresh and ready to rock the city.

We decided to go out! I had no idea my whole gang was in Barcelona during my trip. About 6 people I know really close have been staying in the city until Friday. They invited me to a party into a club and I got back only at 6 am. In one night I made a lot of crazy meetings and had a real experience about Barcelona night life. The funniest thing was about the time of the begging of parties – people go clubbing after 3 am. Before 3 am everyone likes to do pre-drinks in bars. This is such a different situation to Russia. In my country people start at 8 pm and finish at 11 am, yes it happens all the time!

One of the most charming cities I’ve ever visited.
One of the most charming cities I’ve visited.
3D show of the way it looked in the past.

On the second day I decided to have a kind of a cultural program in the city. I am the person who’s into architecture and arts, so I picked one museum which I could not skip – Casa Batlló. That was one of the most inspirational buildings I’ve ever seen. Perfect place to visit for every person who travels.

Beautiful city with amazing weather 24/7.


Barcelona has an amazing climate. Even in a late November you can walk in a t-shirt and still not feel any cold. For Spanish people this weather seems really cold, but for Russian tourists it’s too perfect not to stay more.

img_8991 img_8994 img_9083 img_9089 img_9107 img_9138 img_9141

Nails longer than they could ever be.

img_9211 img_9219

By the end of the second day we had some time for shopping. We were lucky to stay in Barcelona during BLACK FRIDAY. That was my first real experience of REAL black friday. Spain celebrated this shopping day like one of the craziest events in the year. Thousands of people on streets and the main street is filled with the crowd. I did not expect to see so many people going out on Black Fridays in Moscow. Russians need more time to prepare (or get to used to) for this european event. It’s all different. But at the final point, I was obsessed with the spirit of shopaholic in me. I bought a lot and it was all what? I bought everything at Zara, I was surprised, because even Zara was absolutely different !

Black Friday went totally crazy. Tired face.


Night out outfit which includes DOLLSKILL footwear, Zara dress and turtleneck.



On the last day I had some time to make a street style photoshoot with Ohcaja (check out his instagram! He’s great). We picked 3 outfits and completed the shoot in 2 hours. I saw some beautiful streets which are hard to be seen for a tourist eye, thanks God I met people who live in  Barcelona, I saw the most inspirational parts of it !

During my photoshoot with amazing Ohcaja.

img_9411 img_9421

Street style of Barcelona bloggers. Met them randomly on a street.


MOSCHINO street style outfit.

img_9437 img_9445 img_9453 img_9479

James who does not ever want to be a model, but he has all possibilities for that.

I had a lot of things happening with me in 2,5 days of staying in Barcelona, but that trip affected on me a lot. I got a lot of inspiration from the trip. I learned a lot and I found out new things about Antoni Gaudi, modern Bcn fashion and the best thing – I discovered new friends !



Coconuts and Thailand

13.09.2016 — by VD


Traveling all over the world is what I live for. Thailand was the most inspirational place I’ve ever been to. Colorful cities, really delicious food, and SPA 24/7. Everything is extremely cheap and you can drink coconut juices every hour. I visited Thailand during the winter time there – it was rainy and cloudy but it did not make me feel bad at all. More than that, even if you visit Thailand during winter time you can get easily burnt and your skin looks gold and perfect. The best time to get a perfect tan is in August. You cannot swim in the ocean during winter time in Thailand but you can run into waves and get a lot of adrenaline. If you are a risky one, you can try a wind surfing, but that is too risky ! The flight from Russia (where I live) to Thailand is pretty long – about 10 hours, but you can enjoy watching to 3 of your favorite films and listen to some good music, but the best way to spend in the plain is to fall asleep.sboy6ebxszq syehoeasqa0Thailand is full of snakes, so be careful if you live far from the city. Also, you can find some special ZOOs for crocodiles, elephants. If you visit Thailand during the summer time, you probably should visit any island or go to Safari. This trip will change your mind and the way of living. After spending the whole week there, I’ve got so many fresh ideas and so much inspiration! But what about fashion? If you fly to Phuket, you can easily forget about fashion trends and stuff – you are on a countryside. If you try to wear something expensive and cool, it can be so dirty later you are going to put it into a trash bag. Also, a lot of things get stolen there, so be patient with your laptops and iPhones. But to be honest, Thailand is almost the best place I’ve ever been to. You get the best food and have a high quality 2 (or more) hours massages every day. People in Thailand wear such bright and colorful clothes, it makes you almost blind sometimes (in a good way). I was inspired by seeing so many new things people wearing, they have no frames, they wear everything what gives them comfort and saves from the burning sun. Bangkok is really different about that, you can still see people cooking on roads and selling some weird products, but this city is the capital – it has its own fashion industry. Christians, buddhists, muslims and everyone make a big contrast in Bangkok, You see so many different cultures. Also, you can easily stuck in the longest traffic ever. n37nnwphrkmloi4lejmqekimg_4285img_4267img_4136img_4132img_4129img_4063Thailand is very beautiful and it gives you time to think about life and have a relaxation, but as soon as you stuck there on more than one month, you start transformation from a normal person to a typical native liver. You become lazy, slow and that is not that fun! So I wish you to visit this perfect place and stay there for 10 days, never take your Marni sandals even if you are the best fashion blogger in the world. Thailand will make you feel better and inspire you.


Exploring Crete

28.07.2016 — by VD


Crete is one of the most beautiful, romantic and mysterious islands you should probably visit. But do you know a lot about the culture of Greece and do you have any plan about time spending ? Make sure you are ready to explore new areas!

The second half of July and it is Crete – the best place to have some rest at. Crete is really exotic, romantic and beautiful. Every tree looks like a painting and the water is light blue so you never want to leave the beach. You can take a little car and travel by yourself, but for some special guests, who never have much motivation for traveling by themselves, you can book a little tour and visit nearest islands. There are some special places on Crete such as Spinalonga.

-officially known as Kalydon (Καλυδών), is located in the Gulf of Elounda in north-eastern Crete, in Lasithi, next to the town of Plaka. The island is further assigned to the area of Kalydon. It is near the Spinalonga peninsula (“large Spinalonga”) – which often causes confusion as the same name is used for both. The official Greek name of the island today is Kalydon.

IMG_0042 There is a beautiful beach near Spinalonga where you can have some rest enjoying transparent romantic blue water. You can enjoy your life find out a lot of new historical facts about Greece. But never forget to take water and skin protection oil. The sun is too bright and violent during the day time.IMG_0043 IMG_0075 IMG_0091 The nature is really inspirational. You can discover amazing stone structures which could become prints! The buildings are old, they are hiding a lot of secrets inside.
IMG_0106 IMG_0108 IMG_0111 Also, if you are visiting Crete, the best place where you can spend the whole day with your family and friends is WATER CITY. It is the biggest aqua park in Greece. It is better to get there early morning so at 3 pm. you are going to be filled with positive emotions and happiness! Aqua park has the best paying system – you wear a special bracelet with unique code and pay using online cash. On the way back home you take off the bracelet and have a final bill.IMG_0112 IMG_0134 IMG_8513 IMG_8518 IMG_8694 IMG_8729
IMG_9626 IMG_9628 The most beautiful and interesting thing about Spinalonga is its last note written on a door on 19th June 1957. It was the last day of the biggest island’s struggle with sick patients.

Crete has a huge history and every little detail which is the part of big story is exciting. From ancient Greece to modern – too many things to study while you are there!IMG_9698


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