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02.07.2017 — by VD


Watch the most inspirational iD videos which we have chosen for you!

iD magazine is one of the most inspirational project we’ve ever seen. We want to share with you the list of our favourite videos by iD team. You have to watch them and comment on our Instagram, which one is your favourite ! Here we go.










Russian rap culture. New generation.

01.06.2017 — by VD


In 2017 rap culture brought a new wave of influence on society again. After few years of deep techno in contrast with light pop music people heard some extra trendy rap songs from radios again. Russia was not an exception. Russia includes a lot of different labels which are dedicated to the rap culture. One of the most famous labels which is located in Moscow is Black Star. This community has few different talented singers which mostly sing a hip-hop music and they are very popular all over the world. Snimok_ekrana_2017-05-31_v_3_41_17One year ago Black Star team found few new talents and one of the characters which became a part of BS family was Ed. He had a simply beautiful voice and amazing charisma – that was the reason why he entered the BS family. Ed took a nickname – Scroodgee. He became a new fashion icon for all Russian fans.

Scroodgee is a very interesting character – he seems really dark and his songs are very emotional and expressive. The main idea of most of his lyrics is money, which transforms into the idea of his new lifestyle – a simple guy with nothing but a good voice gets lucky and appears on all TV screens as one of the most successful rappers, this is what we call a blessing. Scroodgee has a very dark style, which starts from his tattooes, they cover his whole body and continue on his face and ends with all black outfits.HbFLYJimld4He is never scared to show his craziness and his individuality opens up on stage. Every time he appears near press he gets really shy and hides. He’s a very simple and smart boy, who has a lot of potential and motivation to grow. Our team visited Scroodgee and asked him few questions.

“What inspires you for your music?” – his answer on this question is groundbreaking : “Nothing. I just create what I want”. “Would you like to change your style of interpretation your music ? Would you cross the line of rap culture?” “No. I am very into this”. “What is the secret of your future tracks?” “Sorry, I cannot tell you. But there are a lot of tracks”. Scroodgee seemed very excited about his upcoming concert so the interview was quick, but funny. His smile showed his real soul, and he’s not such a bad guy! This singer is a new Russian influencer whose rating are growing very fast. His way of expression his music and showing his own style is incredible. Russia has always been deep into rap culture, but this year has a lot of changes, which influence on people a lot. Inspiring other people is priceless, so is creating a powerful rap music! This is a never ending story which is just beginning for Scroodgee and we wish him a lot of luck.
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photos by Maria Ostanina.


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