15 year olds become trendsetters, casual



There are no doubts younger generation becomes smart too fast nowadays. Discover 3 amazingly talented teenagers who's achieved so much in their age.

We want to share with you our sympathy with these three personalities. Three of them are 15/16 years old and absolutely talented. Each of them are from different industries, but let’s talk about them more.

FINN – Finn Wolfhard. The boy from Stranger Things cast, who also played in few other movies including famous “IT”. Finn has more than nine million followers on Instagram and 27 year olds fall in love with him easily. Finn himself is a very nice and open minded boy. He was born in 2002 in Canada. One of his first appearances was in “Supernatural”. Finn loves music and he has his own music band called #Calpurnia (few days ago they had a big concert in New York). After the first season of “Stranger Things” Finn took part in a lot of editorials as a young model (we fell in love with his looks!). Finn Wolfhard has a big future, we believe in his success with no doubts!

Finn Wolfhard for i-D

LEO – Leo Madella,turned 16 few days ago. Known as @gullyguyleo. Not so many people can explain Leo’s success on Instagram. He was 14 when he started creating fancy outfits. He started combining a lot of SUPREME pieces and got thousands of likes. By the end of 2017 he hit 500,000 followers. We are crazy about him, because all kids dream to look as “supreme” as Leo! Leo already owns his brand, he creates items for wearing. Oh, not to forget – Leo is also a DJ! Such a talented teenager!

BHAD BHABIE – Danielle Bregoli, she is the youngest baby. Danielle became Internet famous very fast. “CASH ME OUTSIDE” was the trend of 2016-2017. Later Danielle made few #1 music videos which gave her more popularity. Bhad Bhabie was spotted in the studio of Diplo few months ago, also she made a song with Lil Yachty. It’s better to listen and watch Danielle rather than talk about her, because she’s such a queen, no talk needed.


Do we love or hate Stefano Gabbana?



When it comes to scandals, we always come back to Stefano.

Stefano Gabbana is one of creators of one of the most influential Italian brands – Dolce & Gabbana. Stefano was born in 1962 and in 1987 presented his first collection. Big talent, a lot of finance troubles and scandals, what can we tell about Stefano to our kids? Or should we?
The first time we interacted with Stefano was a long time ago – Kristen created a twitter profile and in 2013 was followed by Stefano, they even chatted on that social media. Few years later Stefano deleted his twitter and Kristen contacted him through Instagram direct. Stefano replied he was getting too many hate comments on twitter, so he decided to delete that social media. Years later the great designer started posting hate comments to famous people. Everything started from a Kate Moss post on @thecatwalkitalia profile.

With no arguments Stefano said he did not like Kate wearing Saint Laurent, that was not a hate comment, but a lot of fashionistas were shocked. Later everyone got shocked even more. Stefano called Selena Gomez ugly. As we remember, Selena Gomez wore few times Dolce & Gabbana dresses for Red Carpets.

Dolce & Gabbana is a huge brand and there’s no explanation to Stefano’s actions. We may think that he’s afraid of hate on his profile, so he tries to reflect it on other celebrities or he’s just interested in extra attention! No one knows the truth, but we hope he will be sorry for his unkind words!
Later, Diet Prada had a scandal with Dolce & Gabbana. Diet Prada created a hashtag t-shirt for 32$, but Dolce & Gabbana re-made the idea and started selling it for 295 euro.

Anyway, we find these actions childish, we hope that Stefano will understand it!


Russia is winning



It's never late to catch your luck, in last 3 years Russia became one of the biggest trend-setters.

Today is the first of July and Russian FIFA team won in the game with Spain, who could imagine such success?
Coming back to Russian trends we want to share with you the most memorable moments in the fashion industry, starting from designers and finishing with Russian words on American t-shirts and hoodies.
If you ever ask someone from Europe what do they know about Russia, they usually say: “PUTIN”, “VODKA” and “GOSHA,GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY”. Gosha started his brand in 2008, but huge popularity came to him in 2016. 2 years later he officially made the last show. No matter what – Gosha influenced on millions of people different ages and countries. From Asia to USA – everyone has at least one Gosha’s t-shirt. Last year Kanye West came to Moscow for a private meeting with Gosha and that was not the one appearance super famous people treating Gosha as one of the best talents.
If we look around to the international market, we can find a lot of brands using Russian words, themes and slogans. For example, VETEMENTS presented a new collection during Haute Couture fashion week and the slogans and prints on the sweaters were Russian. How interesting, Gosha came to the fashion world and gave inspiration to a lot of brands – Balenciaga, VETEMENTS, Heron Preston and others get a lot of inspiration from Russian culture.

Special thanks to Russian models, who became super-needed on the runway. Boys and girls with different types of bodies. LUMPEN model agency works with the most famous fashion brands.

SEVER / @alyxstudio #ss19 #pfw thank you @matthewmwilliams @alban_adam

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2018 became a big year for Russia because of FIFA 2018, millions of tourists came to Moscow and other cities. Some designers made collaborations with huge brands. For example, Gosha made a new collaboration with ADIDAS.MSGM,Opening Ceremony, Karl Lagerfeld and many other brands made capsule collections for FIFA 2018.

Finally, Russia becomes one of the most inspirational areas in fashion business. We hope that Russian fashion industry will grow as fast as Russian football success.


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