Christian Dior Resort 2018

01.06.2017 — by VD


How to save old traditions and play with new fabrics? Christian Dior knows the good answer. The new spirit of Dior shows to customers the freedom of choice. Sure, Dior is always going to be the same, New Look silhouettes will always be as the skeleton of any collection, but new inspiration gives new ways of thinking ! This collection is a mix of ancient drawings, wild west and romantic soft fabrics. It seems like Dior added some spicy sauce in this collection!

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Gucci Resort 2018

01.06.2017 — by VD


Gucci is a never ending feeling of visual satisfaction and heaven. This season Gucci plays with proportions and ornaments. Every look seems very trashy [ in a good way ] and includes a lot of different prints from different inspiration boards. It seems like Gucci took three mosaics and crashed them, after crashing they took all pieces and mixed them in one collection. No matter how bright the collection – Gucci always saves the sunglasses – they are always enormously big. Fabrics are in a big contrast from pajamas and silk to fur and winter coats – the effect of royal family having a weekend on the countryside with their best friends and relatives. Gucci is never changing since its new creative director and it’s more than just a clothes – it is a lifestyle !

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Angels wear Vivian Jewelry

09.05.2017 — by VD


Accessories can be too obsessive. Discover our new faves!

Speaking about real angel’s fashion and the most charming accessories..I really want to mention VIVIAN jewelry brand. The most beautiful mood boards and very soft and pretty lines in rings collections.

Vivian is an Italian brand with a wonderful history. This brand is really young, but it has a lot of bright things to come up with in the future. Viviana Bianchi – the creator of the brand, finished University of Florence and created her own jewelry line. Vivian includes different collections and all styles look very romantic and catchy. The best explanation of aesthetics of the brand is the strawberry with a pepper – very sweet, but never boring.

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