Angels wear Vivian Jewelry

09.05.2017 — by VD


Accessories can be too obsessive. Discover our new faves!

Speaking about real angel’s fashion and the most charming accessories..I really want to mention VIVIAN jewelry brand. The most beautiful mood boards and very soft and pretty lines in rings collections.

Vivian is an Italian brand with a wonderful history. This brand is really young, but it has a lot of bright things to come up with in the future. Viviana Bianchi – the creator of the brand, finished University of Florence and created her own jewelry line. Vivian includes different collections and all styles look very romantic and catchy. The best explanation of aesthetics of the brand is the strawberry with a pepper – very sweet, but never boring.

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30.03.2017 — by VD


Few weeks ago I visited London. I had a dream to meet UNDERGROUND SHOES team for a long long time. I discovered them for myself for the first time almost 4 years ago. I remember my visit to #FNO13 at TSVETNOY ! When I saw the Apollo model, I almost cried ! Few days later I bought them and they were my #1 for 3 years.

Three years later I met the UNDERGROUND team including the creator of the brand (Oh my God, I GOT SO MUCH INSPIRATION from our talk, I cannot wait to share with you the history of the brand later).

UNDERGROUND main store is based on Berwick Street,8. This place is really close to SOHO area. We had an amazing trip around SOHO and took a lot of pictures near historical places around. One of them was taken outside Meard Street the home to many of the great clubs that have come and gone in Soho. Here was The Gargoyle,Gossips,Billys and the Batcave. They come and go and their legacy goes to create the rich make up of contemporary Soho. Go to London, go to Soho and come by and say hello UNDERGROUND store !

IMG_3797 IMG_3796 IMG_3795

I really EXPLORED new places around SOHO area with UNDERGROUND team. It all happened really fast because we had a lot of locations to shoot in, but I was so glad to see such historical places ! Guys brought the MAP of our trip and I was very excited to sit on the floor of a vinyl store, to wave to owners of the big NEON art place where we took some photos.

IMG_3794 IMG_3793 IMG_3792 IMG_3791 IMG_3787 IMG_3786 IMG_3785

Vinyl stores in Soho -Keeping it real – Vinyl is the real thing. Authentic, British, Underground.


That was a shot of me taken in the neighbourhood of Soho UNDERGROUND store. This pic shot outside the location of the 2i’s coffee bar on Old Compton Street – recognised as the birthplace of British RocknRoll. Shoes featured are the Jungle Dogstar.


Cannot wait to have more experience with UNDERGROUND soon and we will keep you updated  !



28.03.2017 — by VD


Here's the beginning of the big friendship with a beautiful British brand called IA LONDON.

Art is what you create by the voice of your heart. IA LONDON is a very extraordinary brand with a beautiful history. Every look book of them makes a lot of sense and inspires. Our team met IA LONDON in London one month ago. We fell in love with each other from the first sight ! The beginning of a big friendship started and we created our first art project. Inspired by VD selfies there were 4 masterpieces created. In the true style of the brand 4 portraits became art objects. Here they are ! We cannot wait to tell you more about the brand soon in our special articles dedicated to designers.



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