#VDCAM Home madness.

02.04.2017 — by VD


The video by Ignat Rakhimov was made few months ago, but we decided to publish it today ! VDCAM is a unique production which includes Kristen’s personal team of the best film makers, make up artists, stylists and photographers ! In this big community Kristen is the main character of the videos, most of them are in motion and they are very exciting to watch ! Enjoy now!



07.12.2016 — by VD


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We are glad to share with you the first VD CAM video project. LAZEBNYI x VOGUEDIARY present you the first video, we hope you will like it ! Neon lights and magic eye contact create an absolute contrast between the typical style of Kristina and her inside world. Difference between looks is the best example of showing one person being absolutely different in every way. In next video cams by VD x Lazebnyi you will discover new lovely outfits and #MOODS of each project. This video shows the sexual part in every little detail. Are you ready to follow the project and see what’s gonna be next? Keep visiting VD ! Xo


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