In the eye of OHCAJA!

02.12.2016 — by VD


Last weekend I visited Barcelona. I was lucky to meet amazing @OHCAJA - his photos inspired me and I was DREAMING to be in his camera. We finally met. Check out our work now!

Moschino T-shirt, Bronislav ViTusevich choker, NUDE jacket, dollskill boots.

Streets of Barcelona are charming and beautiful for me. I used to walk trough tourist places every day, but OHCAJA team brought to me to places I did not visit ! It’s always exciting to see the way people actually live in their hometowns. Where do they drink coffee, how do they have fun and the way they talk to each other. I mentioned every little detail and I totally fell in love with Spain! _mg_5897 Friendly people all over the city, no one stares at catchy outfits of mine and I can be myself there 24/7. I chose 3 outfits for the street style photoshoot. Each of them showed my individual style, because OHCAJA asked me to be myself on photos and to wear what I usually do. Actually, I don’t have any opportunity to dress as bright as I would love to in Moscow. My city is dark and cold. Most of times I feel so uncomfortable and depressive. I wish I could stay in Barcelona for a little bit more. _mg_5914 _mg_5929-copy img_0184

ZARA earrings, Bronislav ViTusevich choker, ZARA trousers, Tigran Avetisyan T-shirt, UNDERGROUND shoes.

_mg_6240We visited few locations and I was so inspired by Barcelona. Cannot wait to come back for more experiences !
_mg_6356 _mg_6390 _mg_6476

T-shirt and trousers – MOSCHINO, NUDE jacket, Bronislav ViTusevich choker.




25.10.2016 — by VD


Welcome to my Fashion Week outfits guide. I am going to tell you about each outfit from fashion week street style meets. Cannot wait to hear your opinion - what is your favorite look?

DAY 1.

GUESS MARCIANO dark blue jacket, GUESS MARCIANO dark blue skirt, Moschino phone case, vintage sunglasses, OUTLAW winter bomber and dollskill boots.

img_5702 img_5661img_1903 img_1884 img_1879

DAY 2.

LASKA T-shirt by MBFWRUSSIA, NUDE ( black leather jacket, WIAMILANO yellow bottoms, UNDERGROUND creepers (Apollo model), GUESS denim bag and FAKOSHIMA sunglasses (sample).

mg_1346 mg_1300 img_6661 img_5527 img_5487 img_3108img_2525img_3120 ahqukdmrtyk a03y2317 a03y2206


DAY 3.
WIAMILANO scarf, OUTLAW pink bomber, Roberto Cavalli white turtle neck sweater, AVA 11 dress, Karl Lagerfeld creepers, Moschino case, Ed Hardy leg accessories, dollskill backpack.

img_6372 img_6149 img_2647%d0%b0%d0%bb%d1%8c-%d0%b0%d0%b1%d1%81%d0%b8-%d0%be%d1%80%d0%bd%d0%b5%d0%bb%d0%bb%d0%b0-ornella_al69


DAY 4.

GUESS fur coat, REEBOK suit, MINERAL WEATHER jewelry, vintage sunglasses, Moschino phone case.

img_7116 img_7103 img_5259_kopia img_5385_kopia img_5226_kopia img_3143 a03y3072 a03y3077 a03y3369dsc07125a03y3390

DAY 5.

Moschino T-shirt, no name black jeans, no name vintage jacket, Bronislav ViTusevich leather necklace, INKOGNITO sunglasses, REEBOK sneakers, Goga Sabekia clutch.

a03y5690a03y5743 img_6482 img_6573img_7509 img_7490 img_7484


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Rainy September

05.09.2016 — by VD


Are you ready for the autumn 2016? It’s been a very hard year and still yet to come. We have to be ready for this season. Few months to go and we have to be trendy and fabulous. Once Shami Pezhonov met me on the street and we captured beautiful street style photos. How’s your September going and are you ready for the winter season? IMG_9522 IMG_9548 IMG_9626Puma jacket, Calvin Klein bag, UNDERGROUND shoes and unknown trousers.IMG_9668Prada skirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes and Michael Kors blouse.IMG_9675 IMG_9759 IMG_9807Cerutti jeans,GK bag, Jeffrey Campbell shoes and unknown 


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