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Few weeks ago I visited London. I had a dream to meet UNDERGROUND SHOES team for a long long time. I discovered them for myself for the first time almost 4 years ago. I remember my visit to #FNO13 at TSVETNOY ! When I saw the Apollo model, I almost cried ! Few days later I bought them and they were my #1 for 3 years.

Three years later I met the UNDERGROUND team including the creator of the brand (Oh my God, I GOT SO MUCH INSPIRATION from our talk, I cannot wait to share with you the history of the brand later).

UNDERGROUND main store is based on Berwick Street,8. This place is really close to SOHO area. We had an amazing trip around SOHO and took a lot of pictures near historical places around. One of them was taken outside Meard Street the home to many of the great clubs that have come and gone in Soho. Here was The Gargoyle,Gossips,Billys and the Batcave. They come and go and their legacy goes to create the rich make up of contemporary Soho. Go to London, go to Soho and come by and say hello UNDERGROUND store !

IMG_3797 IMG_3796 IMG_3795

I really EXPLORED new places around SOHO area with UNDERGROUND team. It all happened really fast because we had a lot of locations to shoot in, but I was so glad to see such historical places ! Guys brought the MAP of our trip and I was very excited to sit on the floor of a vinyl store, to wave to owners of the big NEON art place where we took some photos.

IMG_3794 IMG_3793 IMG_3792 IMG_3791 IMG_3787 IMG_3786 IMG_3785

Vinyl stores in Soho -Keeping it real – Vinyl is the real thing. Authentic, British, Underground.


That was a shot of me taken in the neighbourhood of Soho UNDERGROUND store. This pic shot outside the location of the 2i’s coffee bar on Old Compton Street – recognised as the birthplace of British RocknRoll. Shoes featured are the Jungle Dogstar.


Cannot wait to have more experience with UNDERGROUND soon and we will keep you updated  !



31.12.2016 — by VD


Let’s finish 2016 with the timeline of months. What happened? Who did you meet? I am glad to show you my 2016 with 30 selfies I have made.


Taken in Greece, I was pretty sad on that moment, but took a cute photo!

As you know, Instagram gets us obsessed with taking selfies more and more ! 2016 was full of great moments. I visited so many countries – Greece, Italy, Spain and many more. I took a lot of photos, so I decided to pick for you the brightest moments of my Instagram history in selfies. I am a true fan of the art of taking selfies, so here it is !






That was the first time I tried to wear a short black hair. I fell in love with the look, I probably used that look a lot of times during 2016.



One of my favorite selfies of 2016 ! People liked me as a GIRL so much!


The way I looked on my 20th birthday locked in my hotel room in Prague. I was inspired my late 17th century style.

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One of my personal favorites. I love expressing myself as the baddest girl, but actually I am the cutest creature you would ever meet.

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I’ve never tried a cigarette! That’s electronic – does not count ! This is my usual answer to people who keep repeating me that I lie about smoking.

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I am a sad romantic tiny creature.


Fancy fact : it was +34 and I wore a wig, still felt like awesome.


3 minutes before my arrival to the fashion week ( #mbfwrussia ). I am a true fan of Russian fashion weeks.


2016 was the year I trained myself to “change” an eye color.


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Oh I changed a skin color for one day. It impressed me a lot, I would be pretty hot with a darker skin.


Finished 2016 with this selfie. Strong, serious and self-confident, that’s 2016 me.

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23.10.2016 — by VD


Here we go again, MBFWRUSSIA showed new S/S 2017 collections of Russian Designers. Cannot wait to share with you my emotions!

img_1635-2 The first fashion week day was amazing. I really missed  my friends. They all live in different cities and we’ve finally met ! Fashion week is my favorite time of the year because all the craziness only starts! The first day and night (hahaha) are always the hardest parts – you have to be ready for every little moment – time is going to run too fast! img_1637-2 img_1664-2 img_1705-2


For the first day I wore OUTLAW cherry winter bomber with white fur and black glossy stripes. I was scared that would not match with the dollskill boots, but at the final point everything looked perfect. Dark blue GUESS Marciano jacket and skirt were my favorite from the latest collection so I chose them for the first day. Street stylers were impressed because I received a lot of new photos on my email !img_1745-2

The only collection I loved on the first fashion week day was DIMA NEU S/S 2017. Full of beautiful materials and silhouettes. Throwback to 90’s with sunglasses and a little reminder of XVIII century with silk materials of pink dresses and accessories. img_1756-2img_1822-2img_1887-2img_1894-2img_1938-2img_1955-2 The second day is always the riskiest. We almost had no sleep, but we found some power in few cups of coffee and new photos from the first day. I wore AVA 11 dress, Roberto Cavalli white blouse, Karl Lagerfeld creepers and Outlaw autumn pale pink bomber with WIA MILANO scarf.img_2098-2 img_2110-2img_2127-2 img_2131-2But the second day was  even crazier than I could imagine. We were invited to ZDDZ latest collection presentation which was perfect. I fell in love with new prints and slogans, My friends got really drunk, but we had a lot of fun at the final point at SIMACHEV bar ( I did not enter because of the age, huh!).img_2187-2 img_2235-2 I was more alive than before on the third day. ALL YELLOW AND BLACK – that’s how I felt. I wore NUDE jacket from dollskill and WIAMILANO bottoms, also I could not live without my loves – UNDERGROUND creepers (” Apollo model ” ).img_2310-2 img_2317-2 img_2338-2 The thimg_2433-2 img_2530-2img_2730-2 img_2793-2 On that day I was about to fall asleep on the front row actually. That was because I was too sleepy. I was excited for CONTRFASHION fashion show. It was such a funny moment with me during that day ! I was watching the show and I saw a cute outfit on a very cute tiny boy. I almost screamed I was in love with him – I took a picture and Instagramed it ! In 40 minutes he ran to me to say hi, and guess what ? That was kinda random, I was really glad to meet him! img_2850-2 img_2913-2 img_2932-2 The last day was sad for me and all my friends ! We did not want to say bye to each other ! But at least I wore my Moschino t-shirt with a cute red Goga Sabekia little bag and Reebok sneakers!img_2997-2 img_3054-2 img_3116-2 img_3177-2img_3241-2 img_3281-2


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