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We can finally share with you exclusive backstage materials from the new video by Voguediary.

We are glad to share with you the best moments from the new video by Voguediary called “THE DICTIONARY OF RUSSIAN STREETS”. The video expresses the real streets of Russia and does not glamorise bad habits. It shows the real friendship of young company living around Butovo (area very close to Moscow). Girls and boys seem very cute when you start speaking to them and they all have a potential. Their dreams will come true. Here is the video, watch it if you haven’t seen it yet!

The most popular questions about the video to Kristen:
– Did you make these children smoke on camera?
– No, haha. I did not even plan to shoot the video with the kids. They all were around dancing and doing their own things. I tried to capture a part of their world. I enjoyed seeing them happy and doing whatever they like. Each of them has dreams and hopes and I truly believe they will come true. I think it’s more important to have a serious talk with kids about their dreams and making them come true rather then trying to stop them from making mistakes. We should learn that.
– How did you find the kids?
– As I said, they were around. We did not search for them. We got a good contact, we shooted one video for two days and they inspired me a lot.
– What’s so fashionable about this video?
– I do not consider this video as a subject of fashion. Sometimes I can get inspired by serious social topics. This video is not just a dictionary, I feel like it’s a power mechanism which can inspire a lot of other creative minds. I want to show people the realism of life and that’s okay.
– Why do you choose to be real rather then glam?
– Because life is not a fairytale. I prefer not to be a Cinderella. I love to be myself and see through the real things, but I am also naive sometimes or glamorous! I am different every day.
– Do you like the result? What’s your favorite part in this video?
– This is my favourite work ever. The best thing I’ve done lately. I am really proud.


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