Tomorrow does not exist



For these kids tomorrow does not exist because they live only now. What things should we learn from them?

One week ago we visited one abandoned place located in Butovo. If you take a car and make a long ride from the last metro station you get to the forbidden area where all the parties happen. Our team had no idea we would meet kids (aged 12 – 17) who were having fun at the day time. We asked if they would like to take part in a new video, they absolutely were in!
New video by Voguediary will come out in 2 weeks, by the end of July. You will see the brightest shots from the area and interview with every hero of the video. By now, you can enjoy the real moment, which kids live by. Photos by German Skvortsov.
How old are you? “I am 13, but I look 12, I know. I want to be a psychologist. I love to talk to people about serious things.” – answered one girl. Later she asked for a cigarette.
VD team spent 3 hours with kids they did not now. At first, it was very strange to talk to kids who were drinking and smoking at the age of 13. But was not some of us like that 10 years ago? We all wanted to grow up faster and look what happened, we made it. Now we are staring to kids who have the whole future waiting for them.
Their spot is called MONO, they hang out there every day, from listening to SOAD to drawing graffiti on walls until the police comes inside!

On the set of new VOGUEDIARY video
Alexander Roush, Voguediary and little gang checking fresh materials.
Little girl showing her acrobatic power.



15 year olds become trendsetters



There are no doubts younger generation becomes smart too fast nowadays. Discover 3 amazingly talented teenagers who's achieved so much in their age.

We want to share with you our sympathy with these three personalities. Three of them are 15/16 years old and absolutely talented. Each of them are from different industries, but let’s talk about them more.

FINN – Finn Wolfhard. The boy from Stranger Things cast, who also played in few other movies including famous “IT”. Finn has more than nine million followers on Instagram and 27 year olds fall in love with him easily. Finn himself is a very nice and open minded boy. He was born in 2002 in Canada. One of his first appearances was in “Supernatural”. Finn loves music and he has his own music band called #Calpurnia (few days ago they had a big concert in New York). After the first season of “Stranger Things” Finn took part in a lot of editorials as a young model (we fell in love with his looks!). Finn Wolfhard has a big future, we believe in his success with no doubts!

Finn Wolfhard for i-D

LEO – Leo Madella,turned 16 few days ago. Known as @gullyguyleo. Not so many people can explain Leo’s success on Instagram. He was 14 when he started creating fancy outfits. He started combining a lot of SUPREME pieces and got thousands of likes. By the end of 2017 he hit 500,000 followers. We are crazy about him, because all kids dream to look as “supreme” as Leo! Leo already owns his brand, he creates items for wearing. Oh, not to forget – Leo is also a DJ! Such a talented teenager!

BHAD BHABIE – Danielle Bregoli, she is the youngest baby. Danielle became Internet famous very fast. “CASH ME OUTSIDE” was the trend of 2016-2017. Later Danielle made few #1 music videos which gave her more popularity. Bhad Bhabie was spotted in the studio of Diplo few months ago, also she made a song with Lil Yachty. It’s better to listen and watch Danielle rather than talk about her, because she’s such a queen, no talk needed.


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