Céline Dion iconic 2017

01.08.2017 — by Victoria Ventonni



Céline Dion iconic 2017

01.08.2017 — by Victoria Ventonni

We all know Céline Dion as a singer who recorded a renowned “My heart will go on”, the main theme song to the epochal Titanic movie. However, rocking music world was not enough for her: recently more and more we talk about Céline Dion in accordance with her breathtaking looks and fascinating style. It seems, she is about to rock fashion industry, too!


The snake motives look overwhelming, but strangely in harmony. Céline Dion surely knows where to stop: just a little more and it would be too much. We shall point out her great choice of backstage for the photo: everything in different tones of grey makes her outfit inscribed in the surroundings but not melted in them.


Personally, I could not ignore this look of her: quite romantic one, reminding both of Japanese and European fashion as the print corresponds with oriental motives, ant the style of the dress is European.


This look is fantastic: nothing but elegant. She creates a majestic combination of colors, adding just a little bit chic of gold. Brava!


More than elegant, her style is contemporary. It seems that Céline Dion made a well-balanced mix of casual and chic.


She manages to look both revolutionary and classical at the same time. On this photo, she makes an excellent combination of classic B&W gamma, casual white shirt and leathern jumpsuit, which she wore with very elegant, but not pure classical shoes. Altogether, it looks great.


Very elegant harmony in white. Not less, not more could be both said about this look or added to it.


To sum up, all we could say is: Go, Céline! We love you!


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