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Renaissance /AMSTERDAM/

31.07.2017 — by VD


WHERE 2 go

Renaissance /AMSTERDAM/

31.07.2017 — by VD

Beautiful and modern hotel, which includes its own cafe, church and art area. Next time you visit Amsterdam, do not miss out this place !

Location : Kattengat 1, 1012 SZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Key words : modern art, city centre, night life, youth, art beauty, ageless

If you travel around the world or you are just an Amsterdam unexpected guest, do not mind to read some useful information about this hotel. Renaissance Hotel is located in a 5 minute walk near the DAM square. You can enjoy the beauty of LOBBY area and drink hot chocolate, explore modern artists who take part in exhibitions of the hotel and enjoy the organ music (only during special events) in the private church, which is closed for random visitors.

Local area


1 DSC_0184

The church
The hotel is located next to an old church, which is opened for hotel’s guests. Mostly, it can be used for special events, for example – weddings. The church has a beautiful organ, which is allowed to be played by only 4 people in the country.

DSC_0257 Exterior_Hotel_0444

Koepel cafe
Koepel cafe is a traditional cafe with the best food in the area and delicious apple pies.

Koepelcafe nieuw1 Lobby_Front_Desk_0086 Lobby_Lounge_7419

LOBBY space
LOBBY is the most unique area if we compare it to others in the hotel. It includes modern art of different artists, chess, table football, wifi zone and bar zone. LOBBY area is always covered with darkness, so visitors can relax and forget about the time, while they are waiting for the check in.

Lounge_Bar_2B_0212 MH_AMSRD_koepelkerk_pano_no crop  RH_amsnt-008

Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel Koepelcafe
Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel Koepelcafe


VD thoughts  : Renaissance Hotel is the place where you want to stay for a long period of time. You enjoy food, atmosphere, life !


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