Galina Rover

Galina Rover Profile.

10.07.2017 — by VD




Locations : Moscow, London

Age : currently 18.

Amount of followers: 900K Instagram followers, 500K YouTube followers.

Favorite colors : black, white and grey - it is very easy to combine these colours.

"Your style is not what you just feel comfortable with. You feel like you are the coolest girl, that's what I call a personal style."

Fashion icons : Every decade the world shows to people iconic it-girls and top models. They become fashion icons and inspire thousands of designers. I am not into anyone's style, but Bella Hadid is my inspiration in some way. She has a strong energy and a great style.

Favorite brands: I don't have any favourite brand. I buy anything I like and I love being experimental. I can be a preppy girl in a dress with high heels and a hip hop chic in sneakers on the other day. 

Wish list : Oh I have something I can't wait to get ! That's Fendi mini and Louis Vuitton lockme backpack. 
louis-vuitton-lockme-backpack-lockme-сумки--M41815_PM2_Front view8BN244K4PF0KUR_02_MediumSize
The best fashion locations : London and LA. People are so fashionable there!


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