Punk culture in Saint Laurent

23.08.2016 — by VD


After 40’s fashion world started waking up and youth found a new opportunity to say how does it feel. Music, films and street fashion mixed at once and subcultures were born. After pretty lazy and boring 70’s teenagers decided to create a huge and bright community with unforgettable style. Punks raised on streets of London – mixing old rock starts and tired hippies. Scottish cage, tattoos, freaky hair style, bright make up, cuts on clothes, oversized jackets and crazy lifestyle – punks were never bored. Vivienne Westwood was the best example of modern punk culture. She had a lot of friends from that subculture, but also her fashion ideas were inspired by 80’s popular style. Punk culture was a little bit aggressive, a little bit fun, a little bit against the world, but it never was boring. If you tried to join the community, you would never want to leave. Parties, friends and never ending fun.

10531425_726935324052874_8091115057930675511_oPunk style in Japan, 80’s

 Once it became a trend in London, punk culture came to other cities of London and then it was spread all over the world, from US to Japan. But people never have enough. Even the punk subculture started slowly dying in 90’s. The society always needs a new wave of progress. Punk culture brought new music bands, new stories and style icons. In 2007’s people came back to the idea of a throwback. A very popular Emo subculture took some pieces of punk style in its portfolio. As most of punk lovers say : ” PUNKS NOT DEAD ” – and this subculture is really not dying. In 2014 it was back with notes of glamour and grunge on the runway.f0210407_9204752Portraits of young people in London, 80’sPunk-Rockers

Punkertreffen_1984_-_AusschnittHedi Slimane is the one who made us feel a little bit stronger. His appearance at Saint Laurent was breathtaking ! Saint Laurent became a brand with a character again. A mix of punk, grunge and glamour is crazy – every collection is a revolution in modern fashion. Women do not want to be calm, they have things to say, they have something to stand for – so they can do it with clothes. If we look at a photo under this paragraph, we can be surprised because it’s not an old photo from 80’s. It is the Saint Laurent collection commercial. The line between decades is hidden. Should we be happy? Absolutely yes. Further we go, more fashion inspiration we need and Saint Laurent is one of the best examples of good style inspiration. Hopefully, the brand will save the same hot silhouette and bright emotional DNA after Hedi._83388121_027501927-1 Saint-Laurent-Fall-Winter-2015-Ad-Campaign08

Saint-Laurent-Option-1Every season Saint Laurent inspires buyers with silhouettes and elements taken from punk culture. 
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