ANTW – new fashion brand.

04.11.2016 — by VD


Mariam Chumburidze is only 24 years old but she’s already created her own brand of clothes. She chose to stay in Russia and become a serious competitor to Russian brands instead of living in UK and doing different kind of business. ANTW  is the clothes for people who can afford it without saving money for a long time to buy one piece. “We want people to afford clothes they like” !

The first collection was inspired by 90’s generation. They want to live here and now. They do not want to believe in the future. They need everything today, because that’s the best life moment ever. Generation Anti-generation is the main logo of collection. When? Now.
ANTW has a german meaning – antwort, which means the answer.  Designer was inspired by her working experience with ADIDAS ORIGINALS when she was in Germany.

This brand works through online sales. They began with Instagram. If you would like to buy first pieces – feel free to check them out !

Instagram of the brand :

img_4603 img_4632 img_4633_kopia img_4643_kopia img_4645 img_4671 img_4696_kopia img_4709


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